Products for the KNX system

The Gira KNX system enables the seamless integration of diverse devices which offer an extremely broad range of functions. They ensure that even the most demanding requests of occupants can be fully implemented. Lighting, blinds and heating can therefore be controlled, and multimedia and security components can be networked to form a smart system. It is also possible to incorporate the Gira door communication system using various Gira Interface products – for even more convenient living and working.

Input modules and button interfaces

The Gira KNX input modules and push button interfaces serve to integrate conventional sensors in the KNX. Conventional switches and push buttons can be connected, as well as digital and analogue sensors. Gira KNX input modules and push button interfaces are available for flush-mounted and DRA installation.

KNX RF/TP media coupler

The KNX RF/TP media coupler forms the link between a wired KNX TP installation and its wireless expansion with KNX RF: It acts as a KNX area/line coupler for connecting the KNX RF components.

KNX universal button interfaces

The Gira KNX button interfaces, 2-gang and 4-gang serve to integrate conventional switches and buttons into the KNX. The button interfaces are installed in flush-mounted wall boxes, 60 mm deep, behind the switches or buttons and are connected both to the bus line and to the corresponding switch or button.

KNX switching actuator, 1-gang 16 A, 2-gang 6 A

The Gira KNX switching actuators, 1-gang 16 A and 2-gang 6 A are equipped with two binary inputs for installation in a flush-mounted wall box. Zero-voltage contacts can be connected to them. In the process, both inputs can be locked independently of each other or perform different functions.

KNX universal dimming actuator 50–210 W/VA

The Gira KNX universal dimming actuator 50–210 W/VA is used to switch and dim lamps. It is equipped for two binary inputs for installation in the flush-mounted wall box. Zero-voltage contacts can be connected to the two binary inputs, and both inputs can be blocked independently of one another or perform different functions during this process.

KNX window actuator

The Gira KNX window actuator combines a blind actuator with a heating actuator. It has three binary inputs which, in the default delivery state, enable control of the connected blind, roller shutter, awning or ventilation flap.

KNX blind actuator, 1-gang

The Gira KNX blind actuator, 1-gang has three binary inputs for the controlling of the connected blind, shutter, awning or ventilation flap in the state of delivery.

KNX heating actuator, 1-gang

The Gira KNX heating actuator, 1-gang is equipped with three binary inputs. The outputs are connected via a flexible, approx. 20 cm long cable. The binary inputs and the KNX are connected via a 6-wire connection line approx. 30 cm in length. which can be extended to a maximum of five metres. Installation is in a flush-mounted wall box (electronics box from Kaiser recommended).

KNX analogue sensor interface, 4-gang

The 4-gang analogue sensor interface is used for recording and forwarding four analogue sensor signals. Each channel can be separately parametrised to the respective input signal.

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KNX system


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