Gira S1

Secure remote access to the Smart Home

Switching off the lights, checking camera footage, turning on the heating, closing the blinds – all while away from home and safe in the knowledge that no unauthorised person has access to communication: Gira S1 enables users to connect to their KNX Smart Home easily and with total security while away from home – as communication is encrypted. Simply launch the Gira Smart Home App or the Gira HomeServer App, and Gira S1 will take care of the rest in conjunction with the Gira device portal. The laborious task of activating a VPN or special settings in the router is no longer necessary.

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More information about Gira S1 can be found in the online catalogue

  • Secure remote access through encryption

  • Secure remote access via the Gira Smart Home App as well as via the Gira HomeServer App

  • Important messages sent directly to your smartphone

  • Safe and easy remote maintenance

  • Remote maintenance and remote operation of the Gira X1 and Gira HomeServer

  • Remote maintenance of the KNX system

  • Remote maintenance of Gira door communication via the Gira DCS IP data interface
  • Very quick setup

  • Irrespective of Internet provider

  • Functions also with IPv6 connections (e.g. unitymedia)

  • No router settings required

  • Setup can be planned and calculated

  • Compliance with German data protection standards

  • Data logger to record KNX telegrams

Gira S1 with VPN

Thanks to the Gira S1, users can connect easily and reliably to their KNX Smart Home when they are on the move. Thanks to the VPN connection, Gira now offers an additional way to securely access the customer’s system remotely. The VPN also enables remote maintenance of telephone systems, camera systems, networks and more.

  • Secure remote maintenance for KNX systems & any other systems.
  • Easy, fast and stress-free setup
    of VPN access to a home network.
  • An additional way of securely connecting to the customer’s system.
  • Connect the Gira HomeServer directly to the
    KNX bus via the Gira S1. This means a separate interface for the bus connection is no longer necessary.
  • Push notifications are sent to the
    Gira Smart Home App.
  • Full KNX Secure support, including secure tunnelling connection between Gira HomeServer and Gira S1.

Secure remote access ensured by encryption and German data protection standards

The remote access icon in the status bar of the app shows the user that there is secure remote access. The server for the Gira device portal is located in Germany and is subject to German data law. This ensures that German data protection standards are maintained.

The Gira S1 has also been awarded the “Smart Home - Information Security Tested” certificate by the VDE Institute.

Important events are sent directly to the smartphone

The smoke alarm device is triggered or someone rings the door bell and you are elsewhere at that moment: it’s good to know that the Smart Home will inform you of important events. The Gira S1 enables emails to be sent with attachments, such as camera images, free of charge. The sending of messages via SMS and voice message is also supported (subject to charge).

The perfect combination

The Gira S1 can be ideally combined with the Gira X1, the Gira HomeServer and the Gira door communication system. The app-based remote maintenance and remote control functions are optimally integrated in these products. The Gira S1 also enables secure remote access to all web-based visualisations.

Remote maintenance with access control

The Gira S1 enables simple remote servicing of the Smart Home. The user controls who has access to his or her Smart Home and when. Specific authorisations can be granted via the app or using pushbutton sensors.

How the Gira S1 works

Gira S1

The Gira S1 is connected to the home network via Ethernet. If there is an internet connection, the Gira S1 automatically connects to the Gira device portal. Communication between the Gira S1 and the device portal is encrypted and secured with digital certificates. Your smartphone/the Gira Project Assistant or the Gira HomeServer Expert software (in conjunction with the Gira S1 Windows client) also connects automatically to the Gira portal. Communication is also encrypted here. The Gira portal now automatically establishes a connection between the smartphone app and the Gira S1, which in turn is connected to the Gira X1 or the Gira HomeServer - the end user is unaware of all this. Regardless of whether the Smart Home has a IPv6 Dual-Stack Lite (e.g. from Unitymedia), LTE or UMTS Internet connection: The Gira S1 makes it easy to plan and set up remote access.

The Gira S1 must be registered in the Gira device portal before it can be used as a secure remote access module. 

Technical data

Rated voltage:
DC 24 to 30 V
Power consumption:
2 W
IP communication:
Ethernet 10/100 BaseT (10/100 Mbit/s)
IP: 2 x RJ45 jacks: KNX: Connection and junction terminal
Ambient temperature:
0°C to +45°C
TP1, S mode (ETS)
microSD card - for KNX data logger function
max. 32 GB
Modular widths: 2


Operating instructions

Gira S1

Installation and operating instructions

Bestell-Nr 2089 00

PDF, 375,9 KB


Set up Amazon Alexa

This document describes the setup of Amazon Alexa in connection with the Gira S1 and the Gira X1 or Gira HomeServer.

Bestell-Nr 2089 00

PDF, 4,6 MB


Set up Google Assistant

This document describes the setup of Google Assistant in connection with the Gira S1 and the Gira X1 or Gira HomeServer.

Bestell-Nr 2089 00

PDF, 2,2 MB


Technical Documentation

Gira S1

Technical documentation

Bestell-Nr 2089 00

PDF, 6,3 MB



Gira Smart Home

Bestell-Nr 18124 90

PDF, 2,0 MB


Smart Home – but with security.

PDF, 1,8 MB



Gira Projekt Assistent (GPA)

Configuration software for Gira One, Gira L1, Gira X1, Gira S1, Gira G1, DCS-IP data interface and Alarm Connect security system.

ZIP, 1097,6 MB


Gira S1 Windows Client 32 Bit

PC application for secure access to devices in the remote network.

ZIP, 7,9 MB


Gira S1 Windows Client 64 Bit

PC application for secure access to devices in the remote network.

ZIP, 8,0 MB


Gira S1 firmware update

For Gira S1 with index status I00 and I01. To perform the update the Gira Project Assistant V 4.7 is required.

Bestell-Nr 2089 00

ZIP, 34,6 MB


Gira S1 firmware update

For Gira S1 with index status I02 or higher. To perform the update the Gira Project Assistant V 4.7 is required.

Bestell-Nr 2089 00

ZIP, 30,8 MB


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