Gira System 55

The modular system with a proven success rate.

A versatile modular system with 55 x 55 millimetre dimensions: The Gira System 55 has been famous for this since 1998. To date, the Gira System 55 has helped to create a large range of modern building technology functions – combined with a wide variety of design lines. Concept of success: The 55 x 55 mm basic dimensions for function modules and matching cover frames! This flexibility makes it easy to guarantee success in customer consultations, planning, logistics and installation.

  • More than 300 functions in one small area
  • .Inserts and frames from all six design lines can be freely combined
  • Surface-mounted and flush-mounted versions
  • Numerous colours for each design line
  • Design lines and functions can be exchanged at any time
  • Easy to add extensions with Gira System 3000 or Gira KNX RF products

Six design lines for every type of interior design.
The Gira System 55 design lines.

If your customers are looking for an individually customised design line, offer them the great variety of the Gira System 55: You can present the numerous inserts and frames in different colours, designs and materials in the customer consultation. With a total of six design lines, there is something for every type of interior design: Gira E2, Gira E3, Gira Standard 55, Gira Esprit, Gira Event or Gira Studio – from classic and sleek to fashionable and modern

Gira E2

Gira Standard 55

Gira E3

Gira Event

Gira Studio

Great flexibility in the modular system.
The design lines in Gira System 55.

Today, the Gira System 55 is more versatile than ever. We have been continually developing it since its launch. More than 300 functions allow for the creation of personalised installation solutions, whether it’s lighting, blind and climate control, door communication, communication technology and solutions for more security or the Smart Home. This ensures that the Gira System 55 will meet changing market requirements even in the future.

Save storage space

The Gira System 55 modular system even saves you storage space, despite the great variety it offers, because the Gira System 55 inserts can be combined with all design lines from the Gira System 55. This means that there are fewer items for which you need to find space.

Whether in or on the wall

Flush-mounted or surface-mounted: Gira Standard 55, Gira E2 and Gira Studio flexibly adapt to any installation situation. With Gira E2, you can also offer your customers a very flat built-in variant with a height of just 3.4 mm.

Freely combine inserts and cover frames

Your customers can choose one of the six design lines – you can use all inserts in the Gira System 55 for this purpose. The inserts are available in five system colours, bringing your customers’ personal design tastes to life: pure white glossy, pure white matt, anthracite, grey matt, and black matt.

High-quality materials and a wide range of colours

The Gira System 55 cover frames and inserts offer almost unlimited design options. Each switch can be inconspicuously integrated into the room design or deliberately highlighted as a feature. We offer classic, durable thermoplastic cover frames and exclusive variants made of real glass and metal. In addition, each design line is available in numerous colour variants - for even more individual choice.

Your preferences can change.
The Gira System 55 is there every step of the way.

Some customers find that, having used their Gira System 55 installation for some time, they wish to alter its functionality. Due to the Gira System 55’s extensive flexibility and the variety of functions, adaptations and extensions can be implemented quickly and economically, merely by replacing the insert or cover frame.

Classic buttons, motion detectors, blind controllers, inserts for heating, air conditioning and ventilation, and inserts for door communication and security: The Gira System 55 is a visionary product. Today – and in the future.

The areas of application of the Gira System 55

Electromechanics: Innovative, useful solutions

As electrical installations become more complex, applications are becoming more versatile and expectations of convenience are also increasing. The market also continues to develop in terms of technology. Gira evolves along with you. We offer you innovative and sensible solutions. Take advantage of our broad product range to meet almost all your electromechanical requirements: from a simple socket outlet to dimmers, products for lighting control and audio solutions to the innovative Gira System 3000 touch top unit.

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning: Manual and automated heating and cooling

Energy is becoming increasingly expensive. Significant amounts of energy are required to heat and cool residential and commercial buildings. It is therefore very important nowadays to install an efficient climate control system, from both an economical and an ecological point of view. In addition to economic and environmental factors, room temperature is always about comfort. Our products combine these requirements – from manual or automated temperature control to the KNX Co2 sensor. Introduce your customers to the wide range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions.

Communication technology: the right connection for any system

If your customers want to turn their living room into a home cinema, or need solutions for efficient data transfer when working from home, you have the right solutions: Gira data and communication connections provide digital and analogue interfaces for all standard multimedia and network applications. To ensure that everything not only works as desired, but also fits stylishly and seamlessly with the furnishings, you can install lots of different connections to match the design of the overall electrical installation. The integration of communication technology in the Gira System 55 is impressive – in private buildings and commercial properties.

Smart Home – on-trend solutions

Intelligent building technology is one of the trends in the real estate market. Hardly any new buildings are constructed without a Smart Home system. With the Gira System 55, you can make your customers’ homes fit for the future, because a Smart Home can be controlled via the usual variety of Gira design lines, with operating elements from the classic button to the versatile pushbutton sensor 3. This combines several functions of different systems, such as lighting and blinds. Users can control their Smart Home not only via touch displays and an app, but also by the simple push of a button.

Door communication: Reliable access control

The Gira door communication system meets your customers' requirements for secure and reliable access control indoors and outdoors. It also includes products for the Gira System 55, enabling a uniform design of the electrical installation in the desired design line. For example, Gira Keyless In for keyless access control by fingerprint or numeric code. Another is the Gira surface-mounted video home station Plus. This boasts a homogeneously designed front with a 5.6 cm TFT colour display that is easy to use, requiring only a light touch of the buttons.

Product highlights from the Gira System 55

Gira lighting element for Gira Standard 55 and Gira E2 surface-mounted housings.

Gira Keyless In fingerprint reader

Gira KNX RF button

Network connection box Cat. 6A 1-gang insulation displacement connection technology

Gira touch top unit

SCHUKO socket outlet with LED orientation light

Gira room temperature controller



Gira System 55 - The system with great function and design.

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