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Gira Project Assistant (GPA) – One tool for a host of devices and systems

The free-of-charge GPA allows you to start up a wide variety of Gira devices. You can start creating customer projects at an early stage from the comfort of your desk in the office, even if the devices are not yet available. Later on at the construction site, the GPA project can simply be loaded onto the devices. If subsequent changes are required, you can easily transmit them to the Gira devices remotely.

In the current version 5.0, you can use the GPA to activate the Gira X1 visualisation server, the Gira L1 logic module, the Gira door communication system, and the Gira Alarm Connect security system. The GPA always provides you with the correct editors for each system, includes diagnostic options and has an integrated project check so that you quickly achieve your desired result.

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Smart solutions – developed individually

Gira offers developers a range of tools and kits to develop extensions for Gira’s smart building products. With options including the application programming interface (API), software development kit (SDK) and URL endpoints, the possibilities for developers are endless.

Download Gira X1/L1 logic node SDK, HomeServer PlugIn SDK and more tools

eNet SMART HOME connect

The start-up application eNet SMART HOME connect is operated via an intuitive graphical user interface: It can be used to create and manage projects, incorporate devices already installed by starting the “search” or select from a device catalogue. The project can be managed in the eNet server and can also be saved separately for project documentation.

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