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Smart Home solutions from Gira.

Are your customers looking for a smart home? By installing Gira Smart Home systems, you are making a safe decision. With our products, we offer solutions to meet every requirement: for all buildings, as well as small and large budgets. From basic smart home equipment to the implementation of complex ideas.

And what if your client’s requirements suddenly change? You can handle that thanks to the high level of customisation offered by each Gira Smart Home system. This means you can easily fulfil change requests – even during the construction phase.

  • Automation of building technology and other functions
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Convenient control by button, touch display, smartphone, PC and more
  • System solutions for small and large projects
  • Gira Smart Home systems can be combined and flexibly expanded, making them future-proof
  • Reliable protection against unauthorised access and tampering

When does a building become a Smart Home?

Smart Home technology is building technology that controls itself and reacts automatically to situations with complex scenarios. In this way, smart homes adapt to user wishes and requirements.

Increase comfort, enhance security, gain flexibility.

Our Smart Home systems also perform predefined functions automatically without users having to activate them themselves. They help to save energy, increase comfort and enhance security. Our solutions can be combined and can be adapted and expanded at any time, giving you a high degree of flexibility to cope with changing requirements. A key feature for your customers is that components that have already been purchased and installed can usually continue to be used. With regular updates, the installed components can be brought up to the latest development status, without the need to replace products and even via remote maintenance. In addition, the systems also guarantee comprehensive data security and are protected against unauthorised access thanks to KNX Secure, for example.

From individual rooms to large-scale projects: four systems with many possibilities.

Gira System 3000 Bluetooth.
The smart solution for in-room functions.

The Smart Home system for individual rooms is the Gira System 3000 Bluetooth. It can be installed easily as part of new-build projects or retrofitted into existing buildings. A classic Gira System 3000 installation with conventional 230 V wiring forms the basis for this simple Smart Home solution.

Highlights, facts and benefits:

  • For individual rooms and functions
  • Controls lights, blinds and heating
  • Available in different colours and designs
  • Start-up without programming knowledge
  • Operated via operating unit, smartphone, tablet


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Gira One.
The simplest way to a Smart Home.

A comfortable Smart Home for your customers is exactly what you will be providing with the powerful Gira One Smart Home system. Lights, shading, temperature, music and security: its wide range of automation options in these areas is sure to impress.

Highlights, facts and benefits:

  • Smart Home Komfort for small houses and large apartments
  • Start-up without ETS knowledge is simple with the Gira Project Assistant (GPA)
  • Operation via buttons, touch displays or, depending on location, Gira Smart Home App
  • In some cases, changes can be implemented by users themselves
  • Secure protection with KNX Secure


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Gira X1 server.
The KNX SmartHome standard.


Solidity, stability and security: bywords for the Gira KNX Smart Home system with the Gira X1 server. Upgrade your customers to the premium class and let them live smart. Scenarios for lighting, shading, heating, ventilation, security and even IoT applications can be individually programmed.

Highlights, facts and benefits:

  • Setting up smart functions using pre-programmed logic nodes
  • Users can make changes themselves, configure the system individually in detail, and more
  • Integrate systems such as Sonos or Philips Hue
  • Start-up with the Gira Project Assistant (GPA) and ETS
  • Operation on site or on the move
  • Safety-certified by the VDE


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Gira HomeServer.
Smart functions for the most exacting demands.

For those looking to convert large properties into a smart home with full design freedom, recommend the Gira HomeServer to your clients. It can be configured completely individually and leaves almost nothing to be desired thanks to its very extensive range of functions.

Highlights, facts and benefits:

  • Highly individual and convenient Smart Home for demanding projects
  • Extensive configuration freedom
  • Individual floor plan visualisation and free visualisation
  • Can be updated, making it a safe, long-term investment
  • Secure protection with KNX Secure, VDE-certified


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Gira KNX RF.
Wireless freedom in existing buildings.

The radio-operated Gira KNX RF system enables simple and smart control of lights, blinds, scenes, etc. by radio from any location within the building. Simply based on the existing 230 V installation and flush-mounted inserts of the Gira System 3000.

Highlights, facts and benefits:

  • Radio-controlled Smart Home system based on the existing 230 V installation
  • Works without KNX cables in the wall
  • Uses the many functions of the Gira System 3000 flush-mounted inserts
  • Secure and tamper-proof with the KNX Secure standard, VDE-certified
  • Wireless start-up via ETS software


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Smart Home solutions from Gira

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