New Gira products

Gira is continuously expanding and upgrading its product range. Here, we will describe a large number of innovations and new features – from smart software updates for Gira Smart Home solutions to new components and design variants, as well as functional upgrades to existing products.

Gira One

The desire for more convenience, security and energy efficiency is becoming a trend in building technology. From automatically adjusting blinds and creating light scenes for cosy evenings to heating rooms only when you are there and much more besides – Gira One makes the Smart Home easy to achieve.

Simply smart. Simply living.

The new Smart Home system Gira One makes it easier than ever before to satisfy your customers’ desire for more convenience, security and energy efficiency. Raise and lower blinds automatically, create light scenes for atmospheric evenings, only heat rooms when you are there, and much more – Gira One makes it easy to turn your Smart Home into reality.

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Flexible. No training needed. Success guaranteed.

The new, free-of-charge Gira Project Assistant (GPA) makes for a straightforward and and time-saving start-up. Integrated video tutorials and step-by-step instructions guide you through the entire start-up process.

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User-friendly control system.

The functions provided by Gira One Smart Home can be operated in the usual way by button or via the Gira Smart Home App – with extensive configuration options that can also be implemented by the end user.

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Smart. Versatile. Convenient.

Many building technology functions can be operated smartly and flexibly from home or remotely with Gira One. Lighting, shading, climate control, security, door communication and more besides. Functions can also be added by connecting Philips Hue or Sonos. From simply switching functions on and off to complex scenes, you and your customers will benefit from a new Smart Home world with Gira One.

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The wireless Gira KNX RF system makes a Smart Home easy to achieve. It allows smart control of lighting, blinds, scenes and more, anywhere in the building. All of this is easy to do wirelessly, based on the existing 230 V installation and Gira System 3000 flush-mounted inserts. Gira is extending its range with new products for the KNX RF system. Discover the latest new products.

Gira KNX RF operating top units

Wireless KNX RF operating top units allow intelligent and efficient operation of lighting, blinds and room temperature without a server by using a conventional 230 V installation in combination with the Gira System 3000 flush-mounted inserts. KNX RF operating top units are available in 1-gang and 2-gang versions, as well as the design lines and colours of the Gira System 55.

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Gira KNX RF/TP media coupler:

With the Gira KNX RF/TP media coupler, the KNX system can be easily extended to include wireless KNX RF products. The compact design and segment coupler function make integration into the KNX system easy. The media coupler can be connected anywhere along the green KNX TP line. This means it can be positioned where it will ensure the best possible wireless coverage throughout the building.

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Gira KNX RF/TP USB data interface

KNX RF products in the building can be started up wirelessly from any location using a laptop or notebook connected to the Gira KNX RF/TP USB data interface.

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KNX products from Gira enable comprehensive and future-proof automation of building technology and networked IoT applications based on international standards. Regular additions and updates keep the technology up to date.

Gira F1 as a KNX bridge

The new Gira F1 serves as a KNX bridge for connecting several self-contained KNX systems, whilst at the same time protecting personal data in the private network. As well as larger properties, it is particularly suitable for commercial applications such as shopping centres, where independent KNX systems need to communicate with each other.

  • Couples several self-contained KNX systems as a KNX bridge
  • Sends messages that affect all residents, such as upcoming lift maintenance or KNX telegrams from shared functions, such as weather stations, to the private KNX system
  • KNX Secure-capable
  • Start-up using the ETS

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Gira S1 with VPN and KNX Secure

The latest update makes configuring a VPN connection to a customer’s system easy and fast. With VPN, the Gira S1 provides another way of securely connecting to the Smart Home for remote access.

  • Enables simple and secure remote maintenance of the KNX system and of telephone systems, camera systems or other networks
  • Securely access your home’s data on the go
  • Push notifications are sent to the Gira Smart Home App (in combination with Gira X1)
  • Direct KNX bus connection of the Gira HomeServer using the Gira S1

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Gira KNX heating actuator, 6-gang with controller

For connecting 230 V or 24 V thermal servos, the 6-gang Gira KNX heating actuator makes it convenient to integrate heating and cooling systems into the KNX system. Its six controllers make it possible to control up to twelve separate rooms.

  • Can be integrated into scene control
  • Boost function for fast room heating or cooling
  • Compact design and spacious terminal compartment to make connection easy
  • Clear ETS application facilitates error-free start-up

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Gira pushbutton sensor 4 System 55

The straight-line design of the Gira pushbutton sensor 4 can be combined with the various design lines in the Gira System 55. In addition to numerous colours, it is available in versions with two, four or six freely assignable buttons, each available as a Basis or Komfort variant.

  • Combination options – the complete System 55 range.
  • Integrated temperature sensor/humidity sensor.
  • Available in variants that are neutral (no inscription), with laser inscription, or with inscription label.

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More products for the Gira KNX system:

Gira X1

The Gira X1 is the compact server for the KNX Smart Home. The latest update has optimised and extended a number of functions. In connection with the Gira S1, important messages from the Smart Home are sent directly to the Gira Smart Home App via push notifications so that the end customer always has the latest information. The update also increases the degree of customisation for users with admin rights, meaning that they can now set up and add to scenes themselves. In addition, timers are now clearly displayed in the Gira Smart Home App and can be customised independently. Further users can also be created in user management.

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Gira Project Assistant (GPA)

The Gira Project Assistant (GPA) is a user-friendly start-up tool for a variety of applications, including configuring the new Gira One Smart Home system, the compact Gira X1 server, the Gira door communication systems and the Gira Alarm Connect security system. As of version 3, start-up of the Gira door communication system is also possible in addition to the existing logic and visualisation functions.

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Gira HomeServer, Gira Server, Server KNX

Gira HomeServer update v4.12

As a central control unit for intelligent building technology, the Gira HomeServer also enables the seamless integration of KNX systems from other providers, such as voice control, Sonos, Philips Hue and others. The v4.12 update has extended the range of services: in addition to new logic nodes for connecting extended functions, it is also possible to visualise the floor plan with your own background images

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Gira Tastsensor 4, Tastsensor

Gira pushbutton sensor 4

Control modern KNX technology in the tried-and-tested way: the Gira pushbutton sensor 4 makes it possible. It boasts impressively clear and versatile ease of use and high-quality design. Stainless steel with a bronze (PVD) coating and lacquered aluminium variants in pure white glossy and matt, anthracite, black matt and grey matt offer a wide choice of materials and colours. The update means that the Gira pushbutton sensor 4 is now KNX Secure-capable, allowing light colours and colour temperatures to be controlled.

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Gira System 3000

Based on a simple 230 V installation, the Gira System 3000 offers a world of possibilities. Buildings can be automated step by step based on wishes, needs and budget. From manual control using an operating top unit to the integration of intelligent Smart Home technology such as KNX RF.

Gira Bluetooth® wall transmitter

The Gira Bluetooth® wall transmitter can transmit switching, dimming and blind commands to Bluetooth wireless receivers and can thus be used as an auxiliary wireless unit for the System 3000 Bluetooth top units. Lighting systems with a Bluetooth interface, for example those made by Casambi, can also be operated using this wall transmitter.

  • Functions without batteries or external power supply (energy harvesting)
  • Mounting on device box or on smooth, level surfaces using screws or adhesives
  • The Gira System 3000 update v1.4 makes it easy to integrate the Gira Bluetooth® wall transmitter into System 3000

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Gira room temperature controller

The classic electronic room temperature controller can optionally be integrated into Gira System 3000. This can be used for heating and cooling and is available in various designs and versions, for example with an additional control light or with switch and remote sensor for floor heating.

  • High-quality control with pulse width modulation (PWM) for optimised temperature control and increased energy efficiency
  • Easy to install due to flat flush-mounted housing (26 mm)
  • Automatic valve protection stops valves from getting stuck

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More products for Gira System 3000:

Gira System 3000 operating top unit BT

One-piece user interface with LED status display, a multitude of possibilities: the new Gira System 3000 operating top unit BT allows easy and precise control of lighting and blinds. Just as with the Gira System 3000 blind timer and timer, all of the functions can be used via the Gira System 3000 App. Start-up is quick and easy thanks to the installation wizards and help texts in the app.

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Gira System 3000 App update v1.4

The software update provides additional and optimised functions for advanced blind and lighting control via Bluetooth: Users can now adjust the colour temperature between cold and warm white light according to personal preferences using the Gira System 3000 App. One or more Bluetooth top units can be controlled using the Gira Bluetooth® wall transmitters, which can be flexibly mounted and are integrated into the system. Now, it is also possible to set up a signal/call function using wireless and wired auxiliary units to make connected lighting flash. A practical solution for people in need of help. In addition, values from 0 to 100% can be defined using time-switch points for setting blind positions or switch-on brightness.

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Gira System 3000 zero-voltage relay switching insert

The zero-voltage switching insert is used for safe switching of extremely low currents as well as voltages that deviate from the supply mains, such as, for example 12 V or 24 V. Installation is recommended if, for example, only the auxiliary input of the Gira System 55 IP flush-mounted radio is connected, or in the case of an electronic staircase light time switch or other external conductors in connection with heating systems via auxiliary power meters. The Gira System 3000 zero-voltage relay switching insert has a large switching bandwidth up to a maximum of 16 A.

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Door communication

A door station is a convenient and simple way of protecting against unwanted intruders. Gira offers a large number of customisable solutions for indoors and outdoors – with or without video, for single-family homes and apartment buildings, for new buildings, retrofitting and upgrading. New variants and products are regularly added.

Gira System 106 Keyless In fingerprint module

A new function has been added to the modular Gira System 106: the Gira System 106 Keyless In fingerprint module provides secure, keyless access. For this, Gira uses biometric fingerprints to authorise access. Start-up and administration are based on advanced technology that guarantees the highest level of security. The Gira Keyless In App allows users to manage up to 100 fingerprints from their smartphone.

  • Stand-alone product – for self-contained use with a remote actuator or as a supplementary module for the Gira System 106 door station
  • Easy start-up and user management with the Gira Keyless In App
  • Temporary access can be set using timer options

More products for the Gira door communication system:

Gira F1 for SIP door stations

Network-based SIP communication is used to connect up devices in larger door communication systems. In order to reliably protect against unauthorised access, it is also essential to securely separate the building network from the private networks in the individual apartments. The new Gira F1 makes it easy to achieve this separation. From apartment to apartment, only the necessary video door calls from the door station are unlocked in the respective Gira F1 and forwarded to the home station in the private network, for example to the Gira G1. All other IP connections and access attempts remain blocked.

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Gira System 106, flush mounting installation in the façade module

A completely uniform design: flush mounting installation of the Gira System 106 is now possible thanks to a special module. The module guarantees energy-efficient and windproof installation according to DIN 18015 Part 5 and is available in 1-gang to 5-gang and 2 x 2-gang versions.

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Gira DCS-IP gateway

Wouldn’t it be useful to see who is at the door when you’re out and about? With the Gira DCS IP gateway, you can. In addition to operating the door communication system via smartphone, the Gira DCS IP gateway makes it possible to integrate the Gira G1, computers, existing or modern IP cameras with the conventional h.264 standard and SIP telephones into the Gira door communication system. The new Gira DCS IP gateway also boasts a more powerful main processor, fast memory modules and functional reserves for future additions.

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Design & function

Based on the standard dimensions of 55 x 55 mm, the modular Gira System 55 can combine a wide range of functions from modern building technology with a wide variety of design variants. Modern functions offer more convenience and are geared to the demands and needs of the market. We are continually setting trends with our design vocabulary and high-quality materials. In brief, our products are originals to treasure, their timeless beauty and advanced functionality offering lifelong inspiration.

New generation Gira socket outlets

By further developing the socket outlet, Gira offers added safety and makes installation even easier: the support ring has been integrated into the safety function in combination with the mounting claws and claw screws. Just a few turns of the claw screws is all it takes to install the new socket outlets more easily and more quickly than ever before. Available in five variants.

  • Low installation depth of 29 mm offers more space for cable material
  • Easy installation due to mirror-inverted keyhole profiles
  • Backward compatibility for combining old and new bases and covers

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Gira System 55 IP flush-mounted radio

Global radio: with the new Gira System 55 IP flush-mounted radio, you can receive internet radio stations from all over the world. The radio speaker also allows playback of personalised smartphone playlists via Bluetooth. The Gira System 55 IP flush-mounted radio can be combined with the Gira System 55 design lines and Gira F100.

  • Convenient start-up using the Gira System 3000 App
  • Internet connection also possible using WPS at the touch of a button
  • Operating device for Sonos speakers
  • 230 V/AC auxiliary input for switching by a motion detector or light switch

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More products for design and function:

Gira Esprit

Genuine aluminium, lacquered in the colours of the Gira System 55, is a new addition to the range of the Gira Esprit design line. It is available in the same design and identical dimensions as the Gira pushbutton sensor 4. This guarantees a harmonious, colour-coordinated installation design combining Gira pushbutton sensor 4 and Gira System 55 functions – for example when installing socket outlets or conventional switches.

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Gira E2 surface-mounted, black matt

Surface-mounted installations can also make a deliberate design statement, for example the angular design original of the Gira E2 in the new elegant black matt colour variant. Gira E2 surface-mounted can be combined with more than 300 functions from Gira System 55.

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Gira lighting element for Gira Standard 55 and Gira E2 surface-mounted housings

The new Gira lighting element for surface-mounted housing is designed to provide better orientation in dark rooms and is a smart addition to the Gira Standard 55 and E2 surface-mounted housings. The indirect orientation lighting is inserted instead of the adapter for cable entry. Provides continuous light with very low power consumption. Available in the colours pure white glossy, cream white and black matt.

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