New Gira products.

Gira continuously expands and optimises its product portfolio to keep pace with market requirements, enabling us to set new standards in technology and design and consistently offer intelligent solutions. Discover new software updates for Gira Smart Home solutions, efficient components and design variations, functional enhancements to tried-and-tested products and further support services for your day-to-day work.

Design & function.

The Gira System 55 today stands for innovation, versatility and sustainability in modern building technology, just as it did 25 years ago. Based on standard dimensions of 55 x 55 mm, the modular system offers more than 300 functions in various design variants. Should your customers’ desires and requirements change, the Gira System 55 can be flexibly adapted to provide a customised installation solution. In addition to design and function, our focus is on the quality and durability of our products. As a general rule, mechanical Gira products are designed to have an average service life of 20 years.

The new generation of Gira switches.

Fewer products, more combinable functions.

The new generation of Gira switches boasts countless detailed improvements. It replaces the existing switch range in its entirety – from Gira System 55 and Gira TX_44 to the Gira F100, as well as the water-protected surface-mounted and dry surface-mounted design lines. All products are made in Germany to the highest quality standard.

Available from: 08/2024

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Perfect design.

One key innovation is the standardised rocker holder for rocker switches, rocker buttons and pushbutton switches. The more efficient design provides greater ease of installation and ensures more efficient storage.

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More precision, a more pleasant feel.

A flatter switching angle and the optimised gap between rocker and cover frame ensure that the design line has an even more premium look and give the switches a pleasant feel.

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Simplified installation. Improved handling.

Numerous subtle and precise adjustments to the design pay off, with quicker and more accurate installation.

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Long-lasting quality made in Germany.

High-quality materials and robust design ensure a long service life and more sustainable construction.

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The new Gira F100.

Thanks to technical harmonisation of the design, the new Gira F100 is even more compatible with the overall product range and offers a functional and aesthetic alternative to the Gira System 55. All the switch and socket outlet covers have been redesigned. The gap is smaller and the switching angle is flatter for maximum ease of use. The product range has also been expanded.

Simple, puristic, minimalist.

The large operating unit of the new Gira F100 brings function to the fore. The high-gloss, low-maintenance surface adds modern accents to interior décor.

Available from: 08/2024

More functions for every desired application.

An expanded product range guarantees installation solutions to meet every requirement. Blind and heating top units for the Gira System 3000, the Gira IP flush-mounted radio, the Gira pushbutton sensor and KNX RF button have been added to the Gira F100 range. 

Gira E1.

The new Gira E1 design line is a style-defining highlight in almost any environment – a minimalist and natural design which is nevertheless striking due to its soft contours.

Available from: 09/2024

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  • A simple, functional and striking design
  • Can be used for over 300 functions from the Gira System 55
  • Available in seven colours

Gira System 3000 motion detector top unit.

Automated lighting control is an key component of energy-efficient building technology. New to the range is the Gira System 3000 motion detector top unit 1.1 m Standard with delay time. Delay times of between 10 seconds and 30 minutes can be individually set as required.

  • Can be activated for daytime operation irrespective of brightness
  • Different adjustment and application options
  • Range of detection individually adjustable
  • Can be combined with all Gira design lines



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Gira overvoltage protection module.

The Gira overvoltage protection module can be easily retrofitted to protect electrical devices against transient surges. The ring module is inserted at the rear of the socket outlet and will also protect other socket outlets, provided that the cable length is less than 10 m.

  • Versatile – can be attached to almost all socket outlets
  • Compact design guarantees sufficient wiring space in the device box.
  • Integrated warning tone if there is a fault with the socket outlet
  • 3 kA discharge capacity


Available from: Q3/2024

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Gira E2 light grey in recycled material.

With the Gira E2 in light grey, we are introducing the first sustainable design line. The plastic parts of this design line consist primarily¹ of recycled materials, reducing the carbon footprint by around 54% in comparison to new materials.²  

Available: upon request 

  • Saves resources and reduces CO2
  • Produced in-house from recycled materials
  • Many features from the Gira System 55 are also available in the colour of light grey upon request

¹ Only the socket outlet cover and additional components, such as transparent inscription spaces, are made from new materials.
² This reduction was determined on the basis of an ecological assessment pursuant to ISO 14040 of a 1-gang plastic cover frame.

Smart Home.

Smart products from Gira enable comprehensive and future-proof automation of building technology based on KNX. Regular additions and updates keep the technology up to date.

Gira One.

A powerful Smart Home system is easy to achieve with Gira One. Numerous intelligent building technology functions can be operated either on site or remotely. A new release now enables even greater ease of use. Explore the new possibilities.

Available from: 05/2024

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Pushbutton sensors now also available for Gira One.

The Gira pushbutton sensor 4 System 55 (Komfort) and the Gira pushbutton sensor 4 with external dimensions 95 x 95 mm are new to the Gira One range, offering yet more user options. They boast an outstanding feel and excellent design. Numerous Smart Home functions, such as light and shading, can be easily controlled with a gentle touch.

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Simply smart. Simply living.

A Smart Home is easy to achieve with Gira One: Automatically adjust blinds, create light scenes for cosy evenings, heat rooms only when you are there, keep an eye on the front door, connect Philips Hue and Sonos and much more.

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Quick and easy initial start-up.

Setting up the Gira One Smart Home system is quick and easy thanks to the free Gira Project Assistant (GPA). Integrated video tutorials and step-by-step instructions support and facilitate the entire initial start-up process.

More about the Gira Project Assistant (GPA)

User-friendly control system.

The Gira One Smart Home functions can be operated in many different ways. The pushbutton sensors are a new addition to the range, but functions can also be operated in the usual way, i.e. by button or via the Gira Smart Home App. Numerous modifications and adjustments can also be carried out intuitively by end users.

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Gira Smart Energy.

The KNX Smart Home turns Smart Energy into a reality. The new Gira products enable even more sustainable optimisation of energy consumption. Discover new smart energy management options.

Gira Eco.

With the option of seamlessly integrating up to five wall boxes from different manufacturers into the KNX system, Gira Eco is setting new standards. Dynamic load management protects the household connection against overload. The charging current is prioritised and automatically reduced if necessary.

Available from: Q3/2024

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  • Dynamic load management
  • Static load management
  • Supports five charging points
  • Connection via IP or RS485 (Modbus)

Modbus logic module for the Gira X1.

The new Gira Modbus logic module for the Gira X1 allows abundant energy data to be comprehensively retrieved, for example data from charging stations, PV systems, storage batteries, heating elements and heat pumps. The data is displayed as an overview and can be integrated into the KNX system.


Find out more about the Modbus logic module for Gira X1

Display module from Splendid Minds.

Splendid Minds GmbH provides a simple option for visually displaying all the energy data available in the KNX system, such as, for example, energy consumption or a performance overview of the photovoltaic system, as well as other values. The graphs and diagrams can be displayed via the display module on the Gira Smart Home App.


Find out more about the display module from Splendid Minds

Other Gira Smart Home products.

Gira DALI gateway colour for KNX.

The DALI gateway colour for KNX is a reliable and versatile solution for switching and dimming coloured lighting according to the DALI2 standard. In addition to precise adjustment of the colour temperature with DALI Device Type 8 for Tunable White, Human Centric Lighting (HCL) technology can also be used for dynamic lighting.


Find out more about the DALI Gateway Colou

  • Lighting control with HCL technology, particularly suitable for the healthcare sector, for example
  • Compact design as a 1-gang or 2-gang version for up to 128 lights
  • Colour Transition Mode enables dynamic lighting control
  • Easy and time-saving initial start-up

Gira F1 as a KNX bridge.

The new Gira F1 module serves as a KNX bridge, enabling secure connection of several self-contained KNX systems. It is particularly suitable for use in larger properties and also for commercial applications such as shopping centres, where self-contained KNX systems need to communicate with one another.

  • Connects several independent KNX systems as a KNX bridge
  • Sends messages that affect all residents, such as upcoming lift maintenance or KNX telegrams from shared functions, such as weather stations, to the private KNX system
  • Compatible with KNX Secure
  • Start-up using the ETS


Available from: Q1/2024

Learn more about the Gira F1

Gira KNX Secure button interfaces.

Gira KNX Secure button interfaces facilitate the integration of conventional products with zero-voltage contacts into the KNX system. This includes conventional operating elements such as buttons and switches and also reed contacts for evaluating window status. 

  • Available as a 2-gang/4-gang/8-gang version (each available in Standard and Komfort versions)
  • Automatic removal of oxide layer on the connected contacts
  • Straightforward combination of adjacent channels for the button and door/window contact functions


Available from: 03/2024

Phase busbar for switch/blind actuators for Gira One and KNX.

Fewer faults, quicker installation: The wiring in the switching cabinet is significantly optimised with the phase busbars for the switch/blind actuators for Gira One and KNX. In many cases, the customary wire jumpers can be replaced with a phase busbar, which significantly reduces the cabling required.

  • Improved installation due to reduced wiring complexity on the actuators
  • Can be flexibly shortened using fixed end caps
  • Available for switch and blind actuators 16/8 and 24/12
  • Compact, space-saving design

Available from: 06/2024

Find out more about the phase busbar for switch/blind actuators

Gira KNX area/line coupler.

The area/line coupler for KNX connects the data from two KNX lines to one another. This enables cross-line communication between KNX devices. Similarly, the completely new segment coupler function enables better structuring, in particular in larger KNX installations.

  • New compact design with a TE enables space-saving installation in the switching cabinet
  • Considerably reduced ETS start-up times in larger installations
  • Supports KNX data secure proxy function for cross-line group communication between KNX devices that use KNX data secure and devices that do not use it


Available from: 06/2024

Find out more about the phase busbar for switch/blind actuators

Door communication.

A front door is more than just an entrance – it creates a first impression of your home and provides important protection against uninvited guests. When it comes to door communication, Gira’s comprehensive and modular range can satisfy any design and function requirement. Whether a classic intercom system for single-family homes and apartment buildings, with or without a camera, or the integration of remote user options via smartphone – Gira offers countless innovative solutions. Discover new technical possibilities, more data security and the elegant Gira System 106 in a new colour variant.

Gira System 106 black matt.

Even more choice: The modular Gira System 106 offers countless functional modules which can be combined to suit any requirements. During installation, too, a choice can be made between a flush façade and surface mounting. The range has now been expanded to include the elegant, timeless black matt colour. 


Find out more about the Gira System 106

  • New, particularly attractive colour in the design system
  • Durable powder coating
  • Matt, particularly scratch-resistant surface structure

Gira F1 for SIP door stations.

The Gira F1 module enables a secure connection between the building network and the private networks for individual apartments in the network-based SIP communication of larger door communication systems. When the doorbell rings, only the necessary video door calls from the door station are unlocked and forwarded to the home station in the private network, for example to the Gira G1. All other IP connections and access remain disabled.

  • Systematic separation of the networks prevents access to the private network
  • Supports SIP and SIPS
  • Easy, browser-based start-up


Available from: Q1/2024

Learn more about the Gira F1

Gira DCS IP gateway.

The enhanced Gira DCS IP gateway features a new powerful main processor with faster memory. It guarantees easy integration of existing or modern IP cameras with the conventional h.264 standard, of the Gira G1, of computers and SIP telephones.

  • It enables simple operation of the Gira door communication system via smartphone, even when you're out and about
  • Highly compatible with the use of IP cameras



Find out more about the Gira DCS IP gateway

Weather sensor with weather control unit for KNX.

The Gira weather station for KNX measures temperature, rainfall, wind speed and brightness and enables automated weather-based control of the building, e.g. of the blinds, shutters and lighting, which prevents damage and increases energy efficiency.  

Available from: 07/2024

Find out more about the weather station

  • Sun protection for up to 8 façades
  • 10 flexible sensor channels for safety alarms such as wind, rain and temperature
  • Weather sensor communicates with up to 20 weather control units
  • Day-night switchover
  • KNX Secure Standard



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