Gira System 106

Modular and flexible door communication

Thanks to its modular design, the Gira System 106 door intercom is extremely flexible and can be individually configured. Gira System 106 boasts a compact design and state-of-the-art technology, as well as robust materials and a wide range of colours.

  • Modular and easily adaptable to customer requirements
  • Classic surface-mounted installation or flush installation possible
  • Can be integrated into KNX Smart Home when combined with the Gira DCS-IP gateway
  • Labelling for call buttons or info module by the Inscription Service
  • Suitable for new builds and retrofits thanks to 2-wire bus
  • Gira System 106 is compatible with all home stations
    and door communication solutions from Gira

Installation options


With a straightforward surface-mounted installation, the door station can be easily mounted on the wall. As a result, the System 106 not only works well with new builds – it is equally well-suited to retrofitting. Its flat design and housing that is only 28.4 mm high ensure an elegant appearance in any house entrance.

Flush with the façade in the thermal insulation

A new option is to fully integrate the Gira System 106 door communication modules into the facade. The facade module is a flush-mounted housing available as an insulating element from leading manufacturers of thermal insulation composite systems. The facade modules are available in various formats and can be perfectly plastered into place.

System 106 installation box for flush mounting

The Gira flush-mounting installation box makes integration into metal fronts in entrance areas, gates or letterbox systems possible. Installation is carried out directly by the trade partner. The simple mounting solution and permanent installation mean the installation box is quick and easy to install. 

Letterbox solutions

The Gira System 106 is particularly suitable
for installation in letterbox systems from Renz and Briefkasten Manufaktur. The Gira door stations can be integrated into letterbox systems for flush-mounted, surface-mounted or free-standing installation. 

Colours and materials

V2A stainless steel

Stainless steel is a classic of modern construction. The design front made of V2A stainless steel, with its exquisite shine and fine grinding (240 grinding pattern), adds a touch of simple elegance to the front entrance. The module is also durable and hard-wearing, which is particularly advantageous for outdoor use.

V4A stainless steel

Another variant is the design front made of V4A stainless steel for the Gira System 106 door intercom. This saltwater-resistant stainless steel is particularly suitable for installation in the Renz mailbox system. The two manufacturers’ V4A stainless steel surfaces work particularly well together.


The anodised aluminium (E6-C0) design fronts have a silk-matt sheen. With its subtle tones and accents, this material perfectly suits a modern style of architecture – and its durability and robustness make it ideal for outdoor use.

Traffic white

The universally robust, classic white lacquered (RAL 9016, traffic white) version of Gira System 106 has a look that is modern, fresh and unobtrusive at the same time. Pleasantly light, the white door station matches almost any façade.


The material is stainless steel, the fashionable colour is softly shimmering bronze (PVD). This new variant is a stylish addition to the System 106 range. Existing design fronts can be easily replaced as desired, with no need to change the technology behind them.

Black matt

The subtle elegance of black matt is more than just a brief trend. Based on stainless steel, Gira System 106 function modules in this colour blend into any building style with discreet restraint, while also making a design statement.

Modularity and modules

Functional and universal

The modular door communication system is based on individual modules, the basic measurements of which are 106.5 × 106.5 mm, and which can be combined flexibly and arranged vertically, horizontally or in squares, as desired. Housings for 1-gang to 5-gang and 2 x 2-gang formats are available for this purpose. Each module – camera, speakerphone unit, or call buttons – contains all the necessary technology. The modules are inserted into the housing and covered and protected by the 3 mm thick design front plate. Extensions and modifications are possible by replacing the modules.

Gira door station module 106

The Gira System 106 door station module includes a speakerphone unit with integrated call button – making it the smallest stand-alone unit to function as a complete door station. It contains a high-quality microphone and a weather-proof speaker for good communication at the door.

Gira lasered call-button module 106

The Gira System 106 call-button module comes in two versions, with an inscription service available for the model with all-metal buttons. An elegant laser inscription for the buttons can be created in accordance with personal specifications submitted via an online form.

Gira illuminated call-button module 106

The call-button variant with backlit inscription space provides good orientation in the dark. Appropriately designed labels are available from the Gira Inscription Service. Both call-button modules are available in 1-gang to 4-gang variants. Function changes, e.g. from 2-gang to 4-gang, can be implemented simply by replacing the buttons.

Gira intercom module 106

The Gira System 106 intercom module is designed for indoor/outdoor communication. The module features a high-quality microphone, weather-resistant speaker and background noise suppression for good speech quality. Depending on the current ambient light conditions, a brightness sensor switches between two brightness levels for the call button illumination.

Gira camera module 106

An extremely light-sensitive camera with a wide observation range is concealed behind the durable, scratch-resistant black glass plate. The integrated rotary selection switch can be used to set the image sections to nine different positions. To protect the camera from fogging and cold, a heating unit can be switched on if required. Four infrared LEDs arranged around the lens perfectly illuminate the area in front of the camera, enabling the field of view to be displayed glare-free in night mode. The camera can be switched on at night without being seen outside. If the camera is exposed to strong backlighting, e.g. from car headlights, the backlight compensation brightens up any resulting dark areas and makes them easily recognisable as well.

Gira blank module 106

A blank module is available to cover up modules for future expansions, as a placeholder for temporary vacancies, or as a design element for the implementation of large door stations.

Gira info module 106

The Gira System 106 info module is suitable for house numbers, names, street names, opening hours, and any other information that needs to be clearly and prominently displayed.

Gira display module 106 (DIN 18040)

Thanks to the Gira System 106 display module, visitors can see when they are being prompted to speak and when the door has been opened. This means that the module meets the DIN 18040 standard for accessible construction.

Gira System 106 Keyless In fingerprint module

Forgot your keys? No problem. The Gira System 106 Keyless In fingerprint module enables keyless access with fingerprint recognition. The secure access solution based on a professional biometric control system. Up to 100 fingerprints can be saved for recognition. It is easy to configure using the Gira Keyless In app. The module is flexible to integrate into Gira System 106, easy to retrofit, or suitable for use as a stand-alone solution.

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Assembly and installation

The Gira System 106 is intelligently designed down to the last detail, so that installation is extremely simple and safe for the installer. With surface-mounted installation, the housing is mounted separately on the wall.

Gira System 106 surface-mounted installation

Installation steps for surface-mounted installation

1. Attach the body

For surface-mounted installation, screw the body of the door station to the wall at the desired position. For flush mounting types, screw the housing to the flush-mounted module.

2. Insert the modules into the function support frame

The Gira System 106 call-button module comes in two versions, with an inscription service available for the model with all-metal buttons. An elegant laser inscription for the buttons can be created in accordance with personal specifications submitted via an online form.

3. Adjust the camera’s image section

The camera module has a rotary selection switch on its rear side. If the camera cannot be installed at the optimum height of 1.5 m, the image sections can be adjusted using the rotary selection switch. Nine different positions can be set.

4. Connect modules securely

Connect the modules to one another vertically or horizontally using flat ribbon cable and also insert the
terminating resistors. A safety bond prevents the inserted modules from accidentally falling out during installation.

5. Connect via the 2-wire bus

Thanks to 2-wire bus technology, only two lines are required to supply power to the various components and transmit all audio and video signals. This enables rapid installation with reverse polarity protection. It is important to ensure that the cable routing is not behind the camera during installation.

6. Snap the function support frame into place

Once the function support frame is fully loaded, hook it onto the top of the housing and lay its entire length over the body. Then snap the function support frame, together with its modules, into place on the body.

7. Securely close housing

The patented bit holder and special bit are now used to screw in the grub screw beneath the housing until it is flush with the housing edge. For flush mounting, a special wrench must be inserted between the door station and the flush-mounted module in order to then securely screw the housing. A height compensation of 3 mm ensures flush installation even with different material thicknesses.

8. Fully mounted door station

Theft-proof installation of the door station is complete – fixed on or flush in the wall, seamlessly integrated into a front plate provided by the customer or into a mailbox system.

Compatible intercom and operating units

The home station, your intercom and operating unit for indoor use, is the counterpart to the door station outside. Gira System 106 can be combined with all home stations from the Gira door communication system. In addition, the Gira DCS-IP gateway enables mobile access to the door intercom with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Gira surface-mounted video home station 7

The Gira surface-mounted home station video 7 for indoor use is an impressive modern two-way intercom with integrated video function. It has a 7" display with high-resolution image quality and can be installed either by mounting it on the wall or with the aid of a base foot.


Surface-mounted video home station 7

Mobile door communication

The Gira DCS-IP gateway enables access to the door intercom with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Communication is encrypted using Secure Data Access, which is also used in the Gira S1 and guarantees maximum security.

More about mobile door communication

Door communication with the computer

Whether you’re at work, in the office or at home, with the Gira DCS-IP
gateway you can use your computer as an additional door intercom system
– enabling you to conveniently see who is at the door, speak to visitors, and open the door. All with a click of the mouse.

Using your computer as a door intercom system with the DCS-IP gateway


Modular and flexible door communication – the Gira System 106 video

Clean and sophisticated design, robust materials and state-of-the-art technology – the video about our new Gira System 106 offers a brief overview of its many functional details and provides information on the advantages of its modular design during installation, its high-quality material, and sustainability aspects.

View System 106 video


Gira System 106 is a modular door communication system with metal front plates in an elegant, minimalist design. It is based on individual modules, the basic measurements of which are 106.5 × 106.5 mm, and which can be combined flexibly and arranged vertically, horizontally or in squares, as desired.

View System 106 design clip


The body and the flat modules of Gira System 106 are full of innovative technology and functional details. For example, the design and glass fronts conceal features such as a high-quality intercom system with background noise suppression, a camera with backlight compensation, a brightness sensor for the call button, and a built-in heating unit to protect the system.

View System 106 technology clip


Gira System 106 is based on a clear grid design and has a total of seven modules. This means that solutions can be implemented for everything from single-family homes to larger properties.

View System 106 modules clip


Gira System 106 is easy to install. The body of the door station is securely screwed to the wall. The modules are then fixed to a support frame using bayonet locks, linked to each other with flat ribbon cable, and connected to the 2-wire bus.

View System 106 installation clip

Environment and sustainability

Sustainability was a key factor during the Gira System 106 development process. System 106 is designed to be extremely environmentally friendly when dismantled, since all the materials used can be completely separated from one another.

View System 106 environment clip


Operating instructions

System 106 Door station module

Operating instructions

Bestell-Nr 5565 .., 5569 ..

PDF, 841,7 KB


System 106 Intercom module

Operating instructions

Bestell-Nr 5563 ..

PDF, 585,3 KB


System 106 call-button module

Operating instructions

Bestell-Nr 5531 .., 5532 .., 5533 .., 5534 .., 5539 000

PDF, 946,0 KB


System 106 camera module

Operating instructions

Bestell-Nr 5561 000

PDF, 357,5 KB


System 106 DIN 18040 display module

Operating instructions

Bestell-Nr 5567 000

PDF, 523,5 KB


System 106 Info module / System 106 Blank module

Operating instructions

Bestell-Nr 5560 .., 5568 ..

PDF, 1,6 MB


Installation instructions

The following files are not available in the language you have selected, but may be in other translations.

Planungshilfe für WDVS Dämmstoffmodul


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Gira System 106 (EN)

Brochure System 106 Order no. 18420 90

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Gira door communication

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Guides / system basics

Gira Door communication system

Basics, planning examples Door communication system Order no. 1736 90

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