Products for the Gira One system

The sophisticated, high-performance Gira One product range encompasses synchronised actuators, sensors, servers and operating elements for the smart control of lighting, shading, room temperature, music and security functions. Communication between devices is encrypted, ensuring that the Smart Home is protected from unauthorised access or tampering by third parties. Gira One is based on the globally established and certified KNX Smart Home standard. Third-party systems such as Philips Hue and Sonos can also be easily connected.

Operating devices

Gira offers a wide variety of devices for convenient operation of all functions in the Gira One system. Whether intelligent central control units with a touch screen or buttons – Gira operating devices feature an impressive range of functions, high compatibility, and attractive design.


The Gira One server can be used to monitor all building technology in residential buildings. 


These convert commands received from operating devices, sensors, the Gira One server or the Smart Home App into actions, and form the interface between the Gira One system and the electronic devices.

Power supply units

Gira offers a broad range of power supply units for a wide variety of residential units.

Operating devices Server Actuators Power supply unit