Gira One server

The Gira One server is the central device for the Gira One system and is started up using the Gira Project Assistant (GPA). 

It not only functions as a visualisation and start-up server for the Gira One system, but also offers a diagnostic, remote access and remote maintenance function as well as other functionalities. It can be used to start up as many as 200 Gira One devices. What’s more, it also offers additional convenience functions such as timers, the configuration and activation of scenes, presence simulation with the simulation starting according to the day, and much more.

  • Fast and space-saving installation of the DRA Gira One server using two modular widths
  • Start-up and visualisation server for Gira One devices
  • Free-of-charge and secure remote access for end users
  • Free-of-charge and secure remote access for the electrical installer
  • Integrated diagnostic function: Up to 500,000 telegrams are recorded from the history, making error analysis very fast and easy.
  • Easy connection of Sonos, Philips Hue, IP cameras (ONVIF technology) and eNet SMART HOME

Gira Smart Home App

Easy control of your Smart Home from a mobile device

The Gira Smart Home App makes existing mobile devices convenient operating elements for the Gira One system. The app’s user-friendly interface creates a visualisation of your residential unit and provides virtual access to the devices installed in it, enabling dimming, switching, shutter, blind and heating control, scenes, timers and much more. You can also control your Sonos speakers and Philips Hue system directly. Camera footage can also be accessed ‘live’. Regardless of whether you’re at home or on holiday, the Gira One system allows free-of-charge and secure remote access using the Gira Smart Home App. Added to this are extensive configuration options, such as customisation of the home view, timers, scenes, user management, more than 400 symbols for rooms and devices, and the configuration of NFC tags for activating individual scenes. The project and the user settings, such as timers or favourites, are saved on the Gira One server. The app is available from the app stores for iOS and Android, and can be used on both smartphones and on tablets.

Gira Smart Home App for iPhone and iPod touch
Gira Smart Home App for Android devices

Lighting control

Switching lights on and off, or dimming them to exactly the preferred level: Lighting can be controlled with maximum flexibility using the Gira Smart Home App. Several switch and dimmer templates are available for the various requirements.

Blind controller

Raising and lowering blinds and shutters, positioning them at an exactly predefined height, and moving slats to the preferred position: Users have everything under control with their mobile devices – even when they're not at home.

Heating and air conditioning

The Gira Smart Home App makes it easy and convenient to control the room temperature. You can use the app to activate your preferred temperature and also save customised time switch programs based on your needs.

Function overview

All the building’s functions are displayed as tiles in the Gira Smart Home App. Central functions such as switching on and off, adjusting the temperature and dimming in fixed steps can be operated in this view.

Calling up scenes

The perfect room ambiance includes the right lighting, the ideal temperature, and an appropriate level of privacy. The app can be used to call up exactly the mood you’re looking for straight away at the touch of a finger. Customers with admin rights are now able to create a scene themselves and add other variations on the scene to it. The master electrician can also assign scenes created by customers to a button in the building.


Many functions can also be controlled using a timer, enabling certain functions to be triggered automatically every day or only on certain days of the week at a set time. The blinds will then be automatically raised in the morning and lowered again in the evening, for example, or the heating automatically switched to night mode.

Camera monitoring

Be aware what’s happening at home – even when you’re away: The Gira Smart Home App can also transmit and display video images from IP cameras, for example. Perfect for that extra peace of mind.

Setting a light colour

Choose the right light colour for every event and save your favourite colours. All this is possible if smart lighting with colour control, such as Philips Hue light sources, is integrated into the Gira One system.

Sonos audio control

The Gira One system makes it easy and fast to connect your Sonos system to your Smart Home. The key functions can be activated directly in the Gira Smart Home App. These include: Start/pause track, change volume, mute, switch between tracks, show tracks, artist, album, playlists and switch between playlists. The Sonos system even provides the option of using Gira One buttons.

Assignment of subsystems

Functions performed in the Gira Smart Home App can now be assigned to a subsystem, and will then appear directly in the overview of subsystems. This was previously only possible in GPA.


Customers are now able to create additional users in the app themselves using the admin rights, for example in order to grant the window cleaner access for a limited period of time.


Customers can customise texts used to provide feedback, for example, and change the colour of individual settings, such as the colour wheel for a function.


The new app update allows all clocks to be modified or created from scratch. All time settings are visible at a glance. 

One DRA Gira One server

Gira One Medium:
Twisted pair (TP),YCYM 2 x 2 x 0.8

Test voltage:
4 kV (KNX/EIB bus line)

Rated voltage:
DC 24 to 30 V

Power consumption:
2 W

IP communication:
Ethernet 10/100 BaseT (10/100 Mbit/s)

Supported protocols:

IP: 2 x RJ45 jacks

Gira One bus: Connection and junction terminal

Ambient temperature:
0 °C to +45 °C

Current consumption:
70 mA
Gira One server Gira Smart Home App