Gira G1

The all-rounder for building technology and Gira One

Gira G1 is the intelligent control centre for all Gira One building technology. All functions can be conveniently operated via the bright multi-touch display with a tap of the finger or a gesture. It can be installed on a single device box just like a normal switch, and is suitable for modernisations, retrofits and new buildings in equal measure. Thanks to encryption, communication between the Gira G1 and the Gira One server is safe from manipulation.

Gira G1 can be used as a Gira One server client and, in combination with the DCS IP gateway, as a home station for door communication.


Flat, compact, elegant

With its slender appearance, Gira G1 almost appears to hover on the wall. Available in white or black, Gira G1 can be integrated into different living environments in an aesthetically harmonious way.

High-quality materials

Selected materials underscore the high-quality design of Gira G1. The single-piece front panel is made of scratch-resistant, 1-mm thick special glass. Thanks to its precision bonding, it forms a single unit with the housing. The high-quality metal frame gives Gira G1 its attractive appearance, even from the side. The fibreglass-reinforced holding frame ensures long-term stability on the wall.

Hand/system interface

The bright 15.25 cm [6"] TFT colour display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and 155 ppi renders images, graphics and text with extreme clarity. The display is easy to read from all viewing angles, meaning that Gira G1 can be used equally well by people of all heights. The sensitive touch screen makes it very easy to control all functions by tapping a finger or gestures such as placing a hand on the screen, or swiping it.

Sensitive reaction

The brightness sensor automatically adjusts the display to the respective light conditions. The proximity sensor detectswhen a person approaches the Gira G1 and automatically switches on the display. If Gira G1 is not in use, the display is switched off. That saves power and is an energy-efficient solution.

For better understanding

Gira G1 can be used as a home station within a Gira door communication system. The inconspicuous speaker and microphone integrated into the housing guarantee good communication between indoors and outdoors.


All the diversity of building technology on 9 x 16 cm

From adjusting lighting and blinds to setting the room temperature, an online weather forecast or even door communication, Gira G1 allows intuitive control of all functions of the Gira One system. With the tap of a finger or a gesture such as placing a hand on the screen or swiping it, the desired function is called up and is ready for operation. Many Gira One system settings for Gira G1 and the building technology it controls are straightforward for users to enter themselves on the display.

Heating and air conditioning

Gira G1 makes controlling the room temperature easy and convenient. You can use the app to activate your preferred temperature and also save customised time switch programs based on your needs.

Lighting control

Switching lights on and off, or dimming them to exactly the preferred level: Gira G1 allows lighting to be controlled with maximum flexibility. Several switching and dimming templates are available for the different requirements.

Blind controller

Raising and lowering blinds and shutters, positioning them at an exactly predefined height, and moving slats to the preferred position: Gira G1 gives users full control.

Setting a light colour

Choose the right light colour for every event and save your favourite colours. All this is possible if smart lighting with colour control, such as Philips Hue light sources, is integrated into the Gira One system.

Sonos audio control

The Gira One system makes it easy and fast to connect your Sonos system to your Smart Home. The key functions can be activated directly in the Gira Smart Home App. These include: Start/pause track, change volume, mute, switch between tracks, show tracks, artist, album, playlists and switch between playlists. The Sonos system even provides the option of using Gira One buttons.


Be aware of what’s going on in the house, outside the door or by the garage: Gira G1 can also be used to be view video images, such as footage from IP cameras. So you can keep an eye on everything – perfect for that extra peace of mind.


Many functions can also be controlled using a convenient timer, enabling certain functions to be triggered automatically every day or only on certain days of the week at a set time. The blinds will then be automatically raised in the morning and lowered again in the evening, for example, or the heating automatically switched to night mode.

Calling up scenes

The perfect room ambiance includes the right lighting, the ideal temperature, an appropriate level of privacy, and maybe a little music in the background: Gira G1 can be used to call up exactly the mood you’re looking for straight away at the touch of a finger.

Door communication

When combined with the Gira DCS IP gateway and a door station video, the new Gira G1 can be used as a home station. The image from the camera automatically appears in the display when the doorbell rings. Communication can start, the door can be opened, or the entrance light can be switched on all at the touch of a finger.

Function folder

Individual functions – for example all the lighting functions – can be grouped in a function folder for a better overview. Function folders provide the option of depicting a basic building structure.

Weather forecast

The free-of-charge online weather service by Gira can be integrated over the internet. That way, you’ll know in the morning whether you need to take an umbrella with you.

Direct function

Placing a hand on the display allows the user to directly access a previously defined main function. For instance, it turns Gira G1 into a simple switch that can be used to switch the ceiling lamp on and off. The main function is superimposed on the screen that is currently active and automatically disappears again after a certain time.

Status display

The status display can show values from a wide variety of sources, including on/off statuses and temperatures, for example.


The interface can be adapted to users’ needs, with functions able to be grouped together as personal favourites or their order changed, for example.


The new ease of building technology

The intuitive Gira interface, which has been redesigned from scratch, makes operating building technology and door communication easier than ever before. The user-friendly design with a large font and the easy-to-understand icons from Gira’s new system of symbols ensure clarity.

As simple as a switch

Tapping the screen takes the user from the functional overview to the detailed view, where all the features of the respective function are available on the entire display. Swiping a finger allows the user to jump from one function to the next – as if there were a series of switches lined up on the wall. Door communication and the weather forecast can also be accessed from the functional overview.

That’s handy!

Placing a hand on the display allows the user to directly access a previously defined main function, such as the ceiling lamp. The function is superimposed on the screen that is currently active and automatically disappears again after a certain time. The function to be operated can be conveniently defined by the user at any time.


One device, a wealth of possibilities

Gira G1 can be used as a central operating unit for a Gira One system and connected by LAN or WLAN.


Connection by LAN or WLAN

Gira G1 is connected to the building technology using a LAN cable, or wirelessly by WLAN and with the Gira One server and the Gira DSC IP gateway – depending on the situation in the building. Connecting using LAN is recommended in new builds or in buildings with cabling already installed.

Door communication and weather forecast

Gira G1 can be connected to an IP network using a LAN cable or by WLAN. IP functions such as an online weather forecast and, in combination with the Gira DCS IP gateway, the Gira door communication system can be accessed in this way.

Flexible power supply

Three different flush-mounted connection modules are available for use in the various systems: Power over Ethernet (PoE), 230 V WLAN ¹ and 24 V WLAN ¹

Flush-mounted connection module
Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Gira G1 is connected directly to a network cable using the Power over Ethernet (PoE) module, which also supplies it with power.

Flush-mounted connection module
230 V WLAN

The 230 V WLAN module is the standard module and is suitable when there are plans to install new intelligent building technology during modernisation.

Flush-mounted connection module

The 24 V WLAN module allows Gira G1 to be installed in the flush-mounted box of a pushbutton sensor for the KNX system already in place. The KNX line is then used for the power supply, and data is sent by WLAN.


Easy installation, easy handling

Installation is extremely simple: In new builds, a network line and a PoE-enabled switch are all that is needed to connect the device to the communication network. This is also possible for retrofits, with a 230 V model with WLAN or a 24 V model, also with WLAN, available.

Installation in three steps

Gira G1 can be installed in a standard device box (deep box) in three steps:

First, the flush-mounted connection module (Power over Ethernet, 24 V WLAN, 230 V WLAN) is installed in the device box.

A holding frame is affixed to the flush-mounted connection module and secured to another box or screwed to the wall using two screws.

Once the installation work is complete, the display module is clipped into the holding frame. A disassembly safeguard prevents the device from being easily disassembled.

Less is more

The G1’s new, space-saving packaging made from recycled materials is Gira’s way  of conserving resources and thereby further reducing its environmental impact. What’s more, installing the G1 remains a simple task. The three components of the G1 are packaged logically, guarantee optimal protection and allow maximum flexibility during installation.

The device is available in the following versions: Power over Ethernet, 24 V WLAN and 230 V WLAN, in each case in white or black. The packaging allows components to be removed individually and ensures maximum flexibility during installation.

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Fast start-up

Start-up of the G1 couldn’t be easier using the Gira Project Assistant for Gira One version 5.0 or higher

Simply start the device to set up the connection to the Gira One server: Simply select the Gira One server and start the installation. As soon as you’ve entered your Gira One user data, you’ll see the visualisation of your Gira One system. Updates to Gira G1 are easy for end users to carry out on their own.

The additional weather forecast and door communication functions are started up on the device itself.

Technical data


Gira G1 in black

Gira G1 in white

Flush-mounted connection module models

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Item no. 206905 Gira G1 PoE black
Item no. 206912 Gira G1 PoE white

230 V WLAN

Item no. 206705 Gira G1 230 V black
Item no. 206712 Gira G1 230 V white


Item no. 207705 Gira G1 24 V black
Item no. 207712 Gira G1 24 V white


97 mm
168 mm
Depth from wall:
15 mm


1 GHz Single Core
4 GB eMMC, internal memory



802.3af, Cat5e – Cat7,10/100 MBit

¹ for PoE only


802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz

² not for PoE


153 mm (6")
480 x 800 px (155 ppi)
16.7 million

Proximity sensor

max. 50 cm
Detection angle:

Power supply

Gira G1 230 V:
230 V AC
Gira G1 24 V:
10–31 V AC/DC
Gira G1 PoE:
PoE 48 V DC class 0

Temperature ranges/humidity

+/-0 °C to +45 °C
-20 °C to +70 °C
Rel. Humidity:
max. 95% r. h., no condensation

Power consumption

7 W
2 W
4 W


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