Gira One. The simplest way to a Smart Home.

What requirements is Gira One suitable for?

Are your customers looking for the convenient functions of a Smart Home? Then recommend the powerful Gira One Smart Home system. Its comprehensive range of automation options for lighting, shading, room temperature, music and safety functions is sure to impress. One of the key points of appeal for you is that Gira One can easily be set up using the Gira Project Assistant without any additional training requirements.

  • Powerful system for comfort and convenience
  • Simple, time-saving start-up via the Gira Project Assistant with no ETS knowledge required
  • Based on the globally established and certified KNX Secure Smart Home standard
  • Simple operation via buttons, Gira G1, PC (Windows) and Gira Smart Home App, and even remotely
  • Extensive customisation options that users can perform themselves
  • Free remote maintenance and remote access
  • Can be flexibly expanded
  • Secure protection against third-party access and tampering with KNX Secure

How is the Gira One Smart Home system operated?

Gira One is operated either in the usual way using normal buttons, a smartphone or tablet via the Gira Smart Home App, or via the permanently installed Gira G1 central operating unit. This can also be used as a home station for door communication.

What other benefits does Gira One offer?

Gira One is based on the globally established KNX Secure Smart Home standard, making it both reliable and future-proof. Using the Gira Smart Home App, users can easily adjust many settings themselves and integrate other systems such as Sonos or Philips Hue. More extensive functions, such as customised scenes, can also be set according to personal preference, saved and called up as needed. In addition, you can likewise make changes remotely from your desk.

What prior knowledge is required for start-up?

With Gira One, a KNX Secure-based Smart Home is easier to implement than ever as the free, assistance-guided Gira Project Assistant (GPA) means system start-up is quick and self-explanatory, and requires no ETS programming. Thanks to step-by-step instructions with integrated learning videos, no special or advanced training is required. With the GPA, the project can be prepared without products in your office and then simply transferred to the Gira One system components on the construction site. After completion, the GPA automatically generates individual documentation for simplified handover to your customers.

What other benefits does Gira One offer?

Regular free updates for technical innovations and functional enhancements are provided for Gira One. If customer requirements change in the future, you can replace the Gira One server with the Gira X1 server or Gira HomeServer. This allows you to offer additional options in the KNX world, for example, modifications, expansions or requests for special functions. This makes Gira One valuable and future-proof, as all existing operating devices, actuators and sensors can be kept in the system without modifications or exchanges. All are fully compatible with standardised KNX products.

Function overview:


  • Privacy protection
  • Storm protection
  • Group control
  • Control via timer


  • Optimal light for every situation
  • More comfort with smart lighting from Philips Hue
  • Control light automatically
  • Control via timer

Temperature control

  • Air conditioning as required
  • Automatic switching to frost protection
  • Remote access via the Gira Smart Home App
  • Control via timer


  • Access the video stream while on holiday
  • “Turn everything off” at the touch of a button
  • Presence simulation
  • Call up a panic scene

Door communication

  • Control both door communication and Gira One with the Gira G1
  • Open the front door by code or fingerprint
  • Talk to visitors outside your house even when on the move using the Gira DCS mobile App

Sound from Sonos

  • Add Sonos music boxes independently
  • Be woken up with music and light
  • Start or stop your favourite playlist at the touch of a button

Remote access

  • Secure remote maintenance
  • Secure remote access

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