Gira X1 server. The standard in the KNX Smart Home.

What requirements is the KNX system with Gira X1 server suitable for?

Recommend the KNX Smart Home with the Gira X1 as a server in setups requiring extensive applications and functions. It stands for intelligent living in the premium class. Lighting, blinds, heating, ventilation, security technology and IoT applications can be individually adjusted to the needs of the residents. All KNX-enabled devices can easily be integrated into the automation.

  • Smart Home with individual comfort, security and energy efficiency
  • Many logic nodes are available for automation tasks
  • Users can make changes themselves, configure icons, colours, names, scenes, etc. and integrate third-party systems such as Sonos, Philips Hue or IP cameras
  • Convenient start-up via Gira Project Assistant (GPA) and ETS
  • Convenient remote operation and remote maintenance in combination with the Gira S1 or via VPN
  • Integrated KNX programming interface
  • Safety-certified by the VDE

How is the KNX Smart Home with Gira X1 server operated?

There are numerous KNX operating devices to choose from, such as the permanently installed Gira G1 with multi-touch display, voice control, automatic sensors and manual pushbutton switches. In addition, the functions can be conveniently operated via the Gira Smart Home App using a smartphone and tablet, or a PC (Windows).

What other benefits does a KNX system with Gira X1 server offer?

The Gira X1 server is the cornerstone for KNX Smart Home automation and visualisation. On delivery, the system has 250 preset functions, offering a wide range for intelligently networking your smart home. The range of services offered by the KNX system with Gira X1 server can also be expanded by up to 650 functions available via the Gira App Shop. Remote Smart Home maintenance and access are possible in conjunction with the Gira S1. You can also integrate security systems. In the event of an alarm, the Gira S1 sends push notifications to the residents via the Gira Smart Home App. In addition, users can make adjustments in the app themselves or even create entire scenes.

What prior knowledge is required for start-up?

Experience with the manufacturer-independent ETS tool is beneficial during start-up. Once you have started up the KNX system with Gira X1 server via ETS, you can conveniently configure it with the Gira Project Assistant (GPA), using the easy and intuitive Drag & Drop functionality.

Function overview:


  • Privacy protection
  • Storm protection
  • Group control
  • Control via timer


  • Optimal light for every situation
  • More comfort with smart lighting from Philips Hue
  • Control light automatically
  • Control via timer

Temperature control

  • Air conditioning as required
  • Automatic switching to frost protection
  • Remote access via the Gira Smart Home App
  • Control via timer


  • Access the video stream while on holiday
  • “Turn everything off” at the touch of a button
  • Presence simulation
  • Call up a panic scene

Door communication

  • Control both door communication and Gira One with the Gira G1
  • Open the front door by code or fingerprint
  • Talk to visitors outside your house even when on the move using the Gira DCS mobile App

Sound from Sonos

  • Add Sonos music boxes independently
  • Be woken up with music and light
  • Start or stop your favourite playlist at the touch of a button


  • Integrating cross-functional KNX-capable products such as garden irrigation systems, household appliances, etc.

Remote access

  • Possible in combination with Gira S1

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