Gira X1

The cornerstone of the Smart Home

Switching lights on and off, moving blinds up and down, simulating presence, setting a pleasant temperature – anywhere in the building or remotely: the Gira X1 server makes automating and visualising a single-family home with KNX system easier, more convenient and more economical than ever before. For users and residents this means greater convenience and security. Many functions can be monitored and controlled remotely when away from home. The space-saving, quick installation of the Gira X1 and the low effort needed for start-up and configuration make opting for Smart Home technology much easier.

Gira X1 features and functions

  • Central light, blind, heating, air conditioning and media control
  • Easy start-up with the Gira Project Assistant
  • Presence simulation and scene storage
  • Possibility of extending the KNX system with external devices via interfaces
  • The range of functions offered by the Gira X1 can be extended via a fee-based software package


  • Extensions with logic nodes from the Gira App Shop
  • Secure remote maintenance of the Gira X1 and the KNX system via the Gira S1
  • Simple, intuitive & data-secure operation via the Gira Smart Home App in combination with the Gira S1
  • Alexa & Google voice control

The newest functions at a glance

  • The end user can sort and rename functions and rooms in the Gira Smart Home App
  • The end user can change icons in the Gira Smart Home App
  • The end user can extend the function clocks to include the Astro or Random functions in the Gira Smart Home App


  • Fee-based software packages for extending the range of functions and data points are available in the Gira App Shop
  • Seamless integration into the Sonos Home Sound System guaranteed by “Works with Sonos” certification
  • Extension of the Gira IoT service with Google Assistant voice control and the cloud-based IFTTT web service

Gira X1 – now also available for larger projects

The compact Gira X1 server now includes a standard range of 250 functions and 1,000 data points and is the ideal choice for a single-family home. With two fee-based software extension packages available in the Gira AppShop, the Gira X1 can now also be used for larger and more extensive projects. An additional 125 functions are available along with 500 additional data points and a package of 250 functions and 1,000 additional data points. By purchasing both packages, the server can be extended to a maximum of 625 functions and 2,500 group address data points. The Gira X1 therefore offers maximum flexibility and extensive areas of application.

Easy start-up of the Gira X1 – with the Gira Project Assistant

The visual parametrisation of the Gira X1 with the Gira Project Assistant means you can conveniently put the X1 into use – even remotely via the Internet, with the Gira S1 remote access module. Further configuration of the KNX system with the Gira X1 is easy and intuitive, using drag and drop. The KNX system can also be configured using ETS and the Gira X1 as a KNX interface. Convenience, security, energy saving: all of this adds up to a Smart Home – implemented quickly and easily using the Gira X1.

System graphics: Gira X1 in the network

Networking and data security

Networking your building technology

The smart networking and integration of the Gira X1 via KNX requires a cable, which is generally laid together with the power supply in new builds. Functions such as lighting, blinds, heating, ventilation, and security technology can be centrally controlled or automated via this cable.

Find out more about KNX

Secure encryption thanks to Gira S1

The Gira S1 allows users to connect to their KNX Smart Home easily and with total security from anywhere, thanks to encrypted communication. Switch off the light, check the camera images, switch on the heating, close the blinds, all while on the move and all safely encrypted.

Learn more about the Gira S1

Gira Smart Home App

Control your Smart Home with your mobile device

The Gira X1 server App converts existing mobile devices into convenient operating elements for intelligent building technology. The user-friendly interface of the Gira Smart Home App displays the KNX installation of a single-family home and makes its functions available: Dimming, switching, roller shutters, blinds, heating control, value transmitter, scenes, timer and much more. Or you can simply control your Gira Smart Home using voice commands via Alexa. You can also directly control your Sonos speakers. Camera images can also be accessed “live”. Added to this are customisation options, such as personalising the home screen. The configuration and user settings, such as timers and favourites, are saved on the Gira X1. The app is available from the iOS and Android App Stores and can be used on smartphones and tablets. The Gira device portal offers a free service for remotely connecting to building technology (DDNS).

Gira Smart Home App for iPhone and iPod touch
Gira Smart Home App for Android devices
More about the Gira X1

Mobile control with the Gira Smart Home App

Lighting control

Whether you want to switch lights on and off or precisely dim them to your desired setting: With the Gira Smart Home App, lighting can be controlled with maximum flexibility. Several switch and dimmer templates are available for the various requirements.

Blind control

Raising or lowering blinds or roller shutters, precisely positioning them at a predefined height, and moving slats into the desired position: the user has everything under control with a mobile device – even when on the go.

Heating and air conditioning

The app can be used to control room temperature when combined with an appropriate KNX sensor. Desired temperatures can be called up using various operating modes such as Komfort or Night.

Function overview

All of a building’s functions are displayed as tiles in the Gira Smart Home App. Central functions such as switching devices on and off, adjusting the temperature or dimming in fixed intervals can be performed directly within this view.

Calling up scenes

The perfect room ambiance includes the right light, the ideal temperature, appropriate privacy protection, and perhaps some quiet music in the background: the app allows the desired mood to be called up directly on a mobile device at the touch of a finger.


A timer can be used to control many functions. It allows certain functions to be automatically triggered at a specified time every day or only on certain days of the week. For example, the blinds can be automatically raised every morning and lowered again in the evening, or the heating automatically switched to night mode.

Value transmitter

Predefined settings are used to control the blinds and heating: the value transmitter sends the values to the KNX system; the external devices are then able to evaluate these and perform the appropriate functions.

Camera monitoring

Know what’s happening in the house – even when you are away: the Gira Smart Home App can also transmit and display video images from IP cameras, for example. Perfect for that extra peace of mind.

Selecting coloured light

You can choose the perfect light colour for every event and save your favourite colours. The colour selection function of the X1 supports RGB and RGBW values. An additional function also allows you to set the colour temperature.

Control music

The Smart Home App allows you to control Hi-Fi systems via KNX. The main audio functions can be accessed directly from the app. These include: Play/pause track, change volume, mute, switch between tracks, display track, artist, album and playlist and switch between playlists.

The perfect indoor climate

The “Air conditioning”" function allows you to control an air conditioning system using the Gira X1. You can switch between the different operating modes and set the temperature, the level of ventilation and the direction of the air flow.

System graphics

Controlling building technology anywhere in the building with the Gira X1

With its visualisation function and combined with the Gira X1 app, the Gira X1 makes it possible to easily control intelligent KNX building technology from a smartphone or tablet anywhere in the house by means of IP and a WLAN router.

Controlling building technology while on the go with the Gira X1

As the Gira X1 has an integrated VPN server, it is also able to create a secure external connection over the internet, making it possible to control, operate, set up and maintain the KNX system remotely.

Technical data

Rated voltage:
DC 24 to 30 V
Power consumption:
4 W
IP communication:
Ethernet 10/100 BaseT (10/100 Mbit/s)
Supported protocols:
IP with switch function: 2 x RJ45 pin jacks KNX: Connection and junction terminal
Ambient temperature:
0°C to +45°C
2 HP


Operating instructions

Gira X1

Operating instructions for the Gira Smart Home app

Bestell-Nr 2096 00

PDF, 2,4 MB


Gira X1

Installation and operating instructions

Bestell-Nr 2096 00

PDF, 382,8 KB


Set up Amazon Alexa

This document describes the setup of Amazon Alexa in connection with the Gira S1 and the Gira X1 or Gira HomeServer.

Bestell-Nr 2089 00

PDF, 4,6 MB


Set up Google Assistant

This document describes the setup of Google Assistant in connection with the Gira S1 and the Gira X1 or Gira HomeServer.

Bestell-Nr 2089 00

PDF, 2,2 MB


Technical Documentation

Gira X1

Technical documentation

Bestell-Nr 2096 00

PDF, 1,8 MB


Product information

Gira X1/ L1/ GPA (EN)

Bestell-Nr 18691 99

PDF, 1,1 MB



Gira Smart Home

Bestell-Nr 18124 90

PDF, 2,0 MB



Gira X1

Product database from ETS 4.1.8

Bestell-Nr 2096 00

ZIP, 246,7 KB


Gira X1 firmware update

To perform the update the Gira Project Assistant V 4.7 is required.

Bestell-Nr 2096 00

ZIP, 53,0 MB


Gira Project Assistant (GPA)

Configuration software for Gira One, Gira L1, Gira X1, Gira S1, Gira G1, DCS-IP data interface and Alarm Connect security system.

ZIP, 995,6 MB


Logic node Schüco

Control of Schüco windows and Schüco sliding systems: The logic node uses the information from the 4-byte datapoint type "Status" of the Schüco KNX gateway to allow control with the Gira X1 function "Shutters/blinds".

ZIP, 467,0 KB


Gira Smart Home Windows Client 32 Bit

Gira Smart Home App for Windows PC

Bestell-Nr 2096 00, 2039 00

EXE, 59,4 MB


Gira Smart Home Windows Client 64 Bit

Gira Smart Home App for Windows PC

Bestell-Nr 2096 00, 2039 00

EXE, 62,2 MB


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