Gira KNX weather station Plus

Display local weather data and use it for automation

The Gira KNX weather station Plus measures nine different meteorological parameters and makes them available to the KNX system via the integrated bus coupler. This lets you evaluate current, local weather data for automation of building functions: You can raise and lower blinds based on the sun conditions and brightness, and lower them to a secure position if the wind is too strong. Users can have themselves awoken at sunrise, rolling shutters close automatically when darkness falls, ventilation can be performed based on the direction of the wind - all of which means more convenience, more security, and more energy efficiency.


The KNX weather Station Plus includes wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, global radiation, temperature, twilight, relative humidity and air pressure as well as determining brightness directionally with four sensors. The measured data is used to calculate the maximum value for the brightness sensors, the absolute humidity, the felt temperature and the comfort level. The weather station is self-monitoring and reports suitable errors. The weather data can be displayed on the associated KNX operating panels and can be used, for example, to control the shading of up to eight building façades. Logic, blocking, and limit value functions are integrated. The installed GPS/GLONASS receiver delivers the exact time of day as well as geo-data for determining the sun conditions. The KNX Weather Station appears compact and unobtrusive in every installation situation. Commissioning is performed via ETS software.

Assembly and installation

The KNX Weather Station Plus is a flat-mounted device for external installation on a free-standing mast or a building wall. In addition to the attachment arm, the scope of delivery includes the hose clamps and 5 metres of prepared supply line. This allows you to simply and easily install your KNX Weather Station Plus.

Technical data

Nominal voltage:
Current consumption:
100 to 400 mA
Line type:
LiYCY 4 x AWG26
Line length:
5 m
Total length of each line
15 m
Number of weather stations:
max. 3 per line
Ambient temperature:
- 30 °C to + 60 °C
Protection type:
Protection class:


Operating instructions

Weather station Plus

Operating instructions.

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Technical Documentation

Weather station Plus

Technical documentation.

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Gira Smart Home

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