Gira KNX IP router v4 “Secure”

Security in building automation redefined

Security is becoming increasingly important, particularly in large or public buildings, such as hotels, offices, schools and residential complexes. Attackers often exploit weaknesses in network infrastructure. As the building automation frequently also forms part of that infrastructure, operators can suffer significant losses. The Gira KNX IP router v4 ‘Secure’ forms the interface between the network infrastructure of the building and the building automation and consistently closes the security gap. This is based on the new KNX Secure Standard.

  • Additional password protection
  • Data logger with remote access
  • Expanded filter options
  • Clear overview in the ETS product database
  • 4 KNXnet/IP tunnelling interfaces
  • Update capability
  • Reliable communication via WLAN

Additional password protection

The Gira KNX IP router v4 ‘Secure’ has additional password protection. This is to ensure that the diagnostic page of the Gira KNX IP router v4 ‘Secure’ can now only be accessed by authorised users. Without a password, there is no access authorisation. This guarantees maximum security.

Data logger with remote access

The Gira KNX IP router v4 ‘Secure’ makes it possible to load the data stored on the SD card via the device diagnostic page. This means that it is no longer necessary for the SD card to be removed on site to carry out a fault analysis – network access and the password are enough. Remote access to this data is even possible in combination with the Gira S1.

Expanded filter options

The Gira KNX IP router v4 'Secure' has an expanded filter function. This means that the functions “filter”, “forward unfiltered” and “block” are now also available for group telegrams in main group 14–31. This minimises the telegram load and facilitates efficient management of the KNX installation.

Update capability

Thanks to the fact that the Gira KNX IP router can be updated, even devices that are already installed can benefit from the new functions in the ETS product database, in the data logger and on the device diagnostic page and can be used on many Gira KNX IP routers 216700. KNX Secure can be downloaded onto existing Gira KNX IP routers from index status I14.

Clear overview in the ETS product database

The new Gira KNX IP router v4 'Secure' ensures rapid and trouble-free start-up with enhanced clarity in the ETS product database. Functions that are not needed can simply be hidden. This makes
operation easier and more convenient.

4 KNXnet/IP tunnelling interfaces

The Gira KNX IP router v4 ‘Secure’ supports up to 4 KNXnet/IP tunnelling connections and therefore enables parallel bus access, e.g. via the ETS and other PC software. When combined with KNX Secure, each of these tunnelling connections can be protected with an
individual password.

Reliable communication via WLAN

A special function of the Gira KNX IP router v4 ‘Secure’ is reliable communication via WLAN. In installations where KNX communication is to be transmitted via WLAN, it ensures that all commands are executed reliably and that data losses via potentially unreliable connections are minimised.

New encryption technology

The new Gira KNX IP router v4 ‘Secure’ significantly enhances security in building automation by providing elementary security features, such as its new encryption technology. This prevents KNX telegram contents from becoming visible. For example, configuration data cannot be read
during commissioning. Other smart protection measures are up-to-dateness, data integrity or authentication.

Easy to install and expand

The Gira KNX IP router v4 ‘Secure’ has an extremely compact DRA design with only two modular widths. A specific advantage of this device is the integrated network switch that enables the network line to be simply “looped through” (in the form of a daisy chain). This means that only one data line for the network has to be laid inside the distributor for several network devices – this reduces installation costs and saves time.


Operating instructions

KNX IP router

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 2167 00

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Technical Documentation

KNX IP router V4.0

Technical documentation.

Bestell-Nr 2167 00

PDF, 651,2 KB



Gira Smart Home

Bestell-Nr 18124 90

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KNX IP router

Software update for KNX IP router from index 02. KNX Secure is supported by devices from I14.

Bestell-Nr 2167 00

ZIP, 31,6 MB


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