KNX switching and blind actuators

Available in standard and deluxe versions

Depending on the parameters set, the Gira KNX switching and blind actuator can be used in the Smart Home to switch lighting and other electronic devices, or to control blinds, shutters, awnings, and windows. The new Gira KNX switching/blind actuators are available in standard and deluxe versions. The standard version is particularly well suited to use in residential buildings in conjunction with the Gira X1, and in commercial systems where a large number of actuators with purely basic functions are required. In the deluxe version, many functions can be used directly in the actuator itself thanks to its comprehensive functionality. This saves time and reduces the burden on the bus.

  • A wide range of scene functions can be implemented (16 scenes for the standard version, 64 for the deluxe version).
  • Simple logics can be implemented even without a server.
  • Simplified DRA wiring concept with connection terminals on both sides of the housing.
  • Suitable for use in both private and commercial environments, thanks to high-quality screw terminals and relays.
  • Spacious terminal compartment with high-quality terminals (up to 4 mm² or 2×2.5 mm²).
  • Available for up to 24 channels.
  • Easy start-up, updates, and troubleshooting using the Gira ETS Service App.
  • Device electronics powered from the bus voltage for energy efficiency.

KNX switching/blind actuator updates

Regular software upgrades add many practical additional functions to make living in a KNX Smart Home even more comfortable. What’s more, start-up is made even easier again by additional options. The latest upgrade is available for all new KNX switching/blind actuators, and can also be downloaded to devices that are already installed.

KNX switching/blind actuators 6-gang/3-gang - 24-gang/12-gang
KNX switching/blind actuators 6-gang/3-gang - 24-gang/12-gang
24(12) / 16(8) / 6(3)
24(12) / 16(8) / 6(3)
Installation type
Modular width MW
12 / 8 / 4
12 / 8 / 4
Manual operation
Rated current A
16 A
16 A
Additional auxiliary voltage
Relay type
KNX Secure
KNX Secure
Fully updateable
‘Switching function’ overview
Switching function
Switching function extended convenience functions
Switch-on/switch-off delay
Staircase function
Staircase function extended
Logical linking
‘Blind function’ overview
Blind function
Weather alerts
Sun protection
Sun protection extended convenience functions
Blind function extended convenience functions
Intelligent teaching function for travel times
Ventilation function/fabric stretching/end position correction for blind function
‘Global functions’ overview
Manual operation extended convenience functions
Logical linking as separate logic gates
Scene function
Number of scenes (in the actuator)
Extended scene retrieval (scene toggling (via 1 bit)) (in the actuator)

Gira KNX switching/blind actuator Standard

The product in detail

  • Advanced manual operation: Switch between blinds and switching prior to ETS start-up.
  • Heartbeat function for device monitoring.
  • Advanced blocking function.
  • Configurable response to bus voltage recovery (ON).
  • Status message for the upper and lower end blind position.
  • Twilight function.

Gira KNX switching/blind actuator Komfort

  • Features all the functions included with the standard version.
  • Channel templates for switching and blinds for faster start-up.
  • Blind rotation direction can be reversed using ETS settings. No new wiring required.
  • Improved sun protection (deactivated in the event of manual actuation).
  • Enhanced ventilation function for open and tilted windows and
  • day/night mode.
  • Door contact detection for lock-out protection for terrace and balcony doors.
  • Optimised programming of travel times by networking the channels.
  • Twilight function.

KNX DRA: Function list for KNX switching/blind actuators 6–24-gang DRA