Gira F1 as a KNX bridge

If there are plans to connect self-contained KNX systems in medium-sized and large buildings, the Gira F1 can be used as a KNX bridge. The module can, for example, be used to forward important notifications to private KNX systems in the residential units as KNX telegrams, where they appear on a display such as the Gira G1. This includes reports from a building weather station that residents share, but also information about pending lift maintenance, that a window cleaner is coming, or that parcels have been delivered. The lift can even be summoned without leaving the flat. Along with use in residential buildings, the Gira F1 is also suitable for commercial use, e.g. as a KNX bridge in shopping centres or in company buildings that have grown over time and when self-contained KNX systems in individual shops or companies need to communicate with each other.

  • Couples several self-contained KNX systems as a KNX bridge
  • Forwards reports to all residential units, such as the forecast from a shared weather station
  • Bidirectional KNX transmission with conversion of KNX IP to KNX TP or vice-versa possible
  • Group addresses that can be edited avoid duplications in private and public KNX systems
  • Compatible with KNX Secure
  • Initial start-up using the ETS