Gira KNX button

Controlling smart technology the conventional way

The Gira KNX button with integrated temperature sensor is particularly suitable for residential and real estate properties with a KNX system and classic operating elements are to be used. The KNX button is available in 1-gang or 2-gang versions for two to four functions, including switching and dimming lights, scene control, raising and lowering blinds, and much more. It operates just like a switch: just press the button at the top or bottom.

An integrated 3-colour LED serves as a status display or as a location light in the dark. Thanks to its flat construction, the design of the Gira KNX button is attractive and modern.

It can be combined with the design lines from the Gira System 55 and with the Gira F100.

  • Gira KNX Smart Home - easy to control
  • Cost-effective operating element, especially as an
    entry-level unit for private residential buildings
  • The KNX button is the interface to the wired KNX
    (KNX TP) system
  • Supports KNX Secure
  • Integrated KNX bus coupler for quick
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Rockers can be inscribed with different symbols
  • LED with red, green or blue colour settings
  • Sturdy material, also ideal for public buildings
  • Easy start-up, updates and troubleshooting
    with Gira ETS Service App

Button options for up to four functions.

Large variety of designs for every ambience.


Operating instructions

Button, rocker

Operating instructions.

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Technical Documentation

Button, rocker

Technical documentation.

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PDF, 4,9 MB



Gira Innovations 2020

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