Products for the KNX system

The Gira KNX system enables the seamless integration of diverse devices which offer an extremely broad range of functions. They ensure that even the most demanding requests of occupants can be fully implemented. Lighting, blinds and heating can therefore be controlled, and multimedia and security components can be networked to form a smart system. It is also possible to incorporate the Gira door communication system using various Gira Interface products – for even more convenient living and working.


Within the Gira KNX system, Gira offers various products which analyse and evaluate data from the surroundings including brightness, temperature, and weather data, and then forward it to various actuators. In the next step, the actuators control actions such as lighting, heating, blinds, awnings, and motor-driven windows.

KNX automatic control switch

The Gira KNX automatic control switch is an infrared motion detector for indoor use that reacts to thermal motion triggered by people, animals or objects. Accordingly, it sends a switching command to the KNX system and thereby triggers various individually preset actions.

KNX presence detectors

In connection with the Gira KNX system, the Gira KNX presence detector allows automatic light and climate control.

KNX presence detector Mini

The Gira KNX presence detectors Mini Standard and Mini Comfort register even the slightest motion in the room and enable automatic control of various functions in the KNX system, depending on presence. Lighting, heating or ventilation, for example, can thus be controlled entirely as required and in an energy-efficient manner

KNX brightness controller

The Gira KNX brightness controller turns energy-saving room and workplace lighting into a reality. It is installed on the ceiling directly above the area to be illuminated – above a workstation, for example – and analyses the lighting conditions of the surface below. The brightness sensors register a range from 0 to 2,000 lux.

KNX brightness controller Mini

The Gira KNX brightness controller Mini controls the lighting on the basis of the available daylight, so that the brightness of the room is constantly maintained at the desired level and fluctuations in natural daylight are smoothly balanced out with artificial light. When there is sufficient daylight, the lighting is turned down and finally switched off for good.

KNX CO₂ sensor

The Gira KNX CO₂ sensor reliably monitors the temperature, humidity and CO₂ concentration in buildings, and it controls targeted measures in the KNX system for maintaining the indoor climate.

KNX weather station Standard

The wind speed, precipitation, twilight and temperature can be measured and evaluated with the Gira KNX weather station Standard. In addition, three brightness sensors positioned at right angles to each other determine the brightness in different directions. The sensors can analyse data individually or collectively.

KNX Weather station Komfort

The Gira weather station Comfort is used to detect and forward climate data and events to KNX actuators, which then, for example, control the blinds, awnings and motor-driven windows. The weather data can also be shown on signalling and monitoring devices such as the Gira Control Clients.

KNX weather station Plus

The Gira KNX Weather Station Plus measures nine different meteorological parameters and provides them to the KNX system via the integrated bus coupler. This lets you evaluate current, local weather data for automation of building functions.

Combination sensor with DCF77 receiver

The combination sensor from the Gira KNX system is used in conjunction with the KNX weather station, and controls and monitors building and building technology depending on the climate values detected.

0/10 V rain sensor

The Gira rain sensor 0/10 records precipitation and evaluates it. The conductivity of the rain water is analysed using a sensor, and an output signal of 0 or 10 V is then provided. The end of precipitation can be logged almost immediately with the help of installed heating.

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KNX system


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