Gira System 106

Functional and universal

The modular design enables the system's size, design, and functionality to be individually adapted. Whether its the camera, speakerphone unit, or call button – the modules all contain the same technology. They are inserted into the housing, and covered and protected by the 3 mm-thick design front plate. Expansions and changes can be made at any time by exchanging the modules.

Stainless steel

In the V2A stainless steel variant, the design front of the Gira System 106 has a fine-polished, refined gleam, and lends the door station a simple elegance (240-grit satin finish). Stainless steel is regarded as a classic material for modern construction. With a stainless steel design front, the door station becomes a powerful statement at the building entrance. The stylish material is both durable and resilient – a great advantage, particularly for outdoor use.


The anodised aluminium (E6-C0) design fronts have a silk-matt sheen, which gives the Gira System 106 door station a cool elegance: the perfect look for your entrance. With its subtle tones and accents, this material perfectly suits a modern style of architecture. At the same time, it is resistant and durable.

Traffic white

addition to the metallic styles, a version in white (RAL 9016, Traffic white) completes the range. The colour white brings its own unique charm and can also be considered a classic. Modern, fresh and unobtrusive, the white door station suits virtually any building façade and complements any style.

Gira door station module 106

The Gira System 106 door station module comprises a speakerphone unit with integrated call button, and is thus the smallest independent unit to function as a complete door station. It contains a high-quality microphone and weather-resistant speaker for clear communication at the door.

Gira call-button module 106

The Gira System 106 call-button module is available in two versions. A choice is offered between minimalist, all-metal buttons with an elegant laser inscription, or call buttons with a backlit inscription space for handy orientation in the dark. The call buttons are available in 1, 2, 3, and 4-gang variants. Function changes, e.g from 2-gang to 4-gang, can be easily made by replacing the buttons.

Gira intercom module 106

The Gira System 106 intercom module with speakerphone function enables communication between indoors and outdoors. The high-quality microphone, weather-resistant speaker, and background noise suppression ensure a high level of voice quality.

Gira camera module 106

A high-quality, extremely light-sensitive camera is concealed behind the unbreakable, scratch-resistant black glass plate. The wide observation range and backlight compensation guarantee a clear image and a good overview of what's going on at the front door .

Gira blank module 106

A blank module in the Gira System 106 design is provided to cover up modules for future expansions, as a placeholder for temporary vacancies or as a design element for realising large door stations.

Gira info module 106

The Gira System 106 info module is suitable for house numbers, names, street names, opening hours, and any other information that needs to be clearly and prominently displayed. The homogeneous, glare-free lighting ensures good visibility, even at night and at a certain distance.

Gira display module 106 (DIN 18040)

Thanks to the Gira System 106 display module, visitors can see when they are being requested to speak and when the door is opened. This also means that the module meets the DIN 18040 standard for barrier-free construction.

Inscription service

With the Gira Inscription Service, the call button and info module of the Gira System 106 can be professionally designed according to your personal specifications. The template can be created and the order placed online with little effort. A design can be produced in a few steps and ordered via an online form.
More information about the Gira Inscription Service

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System 106


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