Gira System 106

Simple and secure installation

The Gira System 106 is intelligently designed in every detail, so that it is very simple and secure for the fitter to install. The housing should be mounted separately on the wall. Then, the different modules are initially inserted into a function support frame and this is then snapped into place in the housing. A particularly useful feature: a safety cord, which prevents the modules accidentally falling out during installation. The housing can finally be screwed shut and made theft-proof with a patented bit holder and the special bit.

Simply screw the body to the wall

Screw the body of the door station to the desired position on the wall.

Insert the modules into the function support frame

Insert the different modules into the function support frame.

Securely attach modules

Each module is attached to the function support frame at all four corners with bayonet locks. A quarter turn of the locks is sufficient. An audible click then signals the correct fit of the locks.

Adjust the camera's image section

The camera module has a rotary coding switch on its rear side. This enables the image sections to be set in nine different positions. If the camera cannot be installed at the optimum height of 1.5 m, the image sections can be adjusted accordingly using the rotary coding switch.

Connect modules securely

Connect the modules to each other with flat ribbon cable and also insert the terminating resistors. The flat ribbon cable should be plugged in vertically or horizontally. There is a safety cord in addition to the function support frame. This prevents the inserted modules from accidentally falling out during installation.

Make the connection via the 2-wire bus

The Gira System 106 is based on 2-wire bus technology. Only two lines are required to supply power to the various components and transmit all audio and video signals. This enables a quick installation with reverse polarity protection.

Snap the loaded function support frame into place

Once the function support frame is fully loaded, hook it onto the top of the housing and lay it over the body all the way down. Then snap the function support frame with modules in place in the body.

Securely close housing

The patented bit holder and special bit are now used to screw in the grub screw beneath the housing until it is flush with the housing edge.

Fully-mounted door station

Now the door station with anti-theft protection is fixed firmly to the wall.

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System 106


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