Gira System 106

Modular and flexible door communication – the Gira System 106 video

Clean and sophisticated design, robust materials and state-of-the-art technology – the video about the new Gira System 106 provides a first overview of the many functional details, gives information on the advantages of the modular design during installation as well as on the high-quality material and sustainability aspects.

Gira System 106 – receive visitors in style.

Good style also relies on details. Like the modular Gira System 106 door intercom. It offers all the functions you need – from the doorbell panel to the camera. All in a uniform, outstanding design. No more, no less. Find the right outdoor station for you now.

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The Gira System 106 is a modular door communication system with metal front plates in an elegant, minimalist design. It is based on individual modules whose basic measurements are 106.5 × 106.5 mm, and which can be combined flexibly and arranged vertically, horizontally, or in squares.


The body and flat modules of the Gira System 106 are full of innovative technology and functional details. For example, the design and glass fronts conceal the high-quality intercom system with background noise suppression, the camera with backlight compensation, the brightness sensor for the call button, or a built-in heating unit to protect the system.


The Gira System 106 is based on a clear grid and includes a total of seven modules allowing a range of solutions to be realised – from single-family homes to larger properties.


Installing the Gira System 106 is easy. First, the body of the door intercom is securely screwed to the wall. The modules are then fixed to a support frame using bayonet locks, linked to each other with flat ribbon cable, and connected to the 2-wire bus.

Environment and sustainability

When developing and selecting the materials for the Gira System 106, a high priority was given to sustainability. One of the characteristics of the System 106 is that it has also been designed to be dismantled in an extremely environmentally-friendly way, as all the materials used can be fully separated from each other.

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System 106


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