Gira touch dimming top unit

Touch dimming top unit,
Esprit, black glass/colour aluminium
Touch dimming top unit,
Gira E2, pure white glossy
Touch dimming top unit,
Event, colour aluminium/anthracite

Dimming in a nutshell

A light touch is all that’s needed to operate the Gira touch dimming top unit as it uses capacitive sensor technology. The desired brightness level can be set directly here. Only the appropriate LED need be touched for this.

The last LED selected lights up to indicate the brightness level chosen. A subtle acoustic signal also provides feedback on the operation.

Dimming levels

When switched off, the Gira touch dimming top unit can be switched on directly at any desired dimming level – simply by touching a specific point on the row of LED dots. Users can likewise directly change the dimming position already set to any other level. The brightness level currently selected is indicated by the respective LED lighting up. Running a finger along the row of LED dots causes the light to slide to brighter or darker values.

Switching on/off

The lower half of the operating surface contains an LED that lights up for orientation as long as the Gira touch dimming top unit is switched off. When the lower half is touched, the Gira touch dimming top unit switches on with a stored memory value. To turn off the Gira touch dimming top unit, another light touch to the lower operating surface is all that is required.

Memory value

The memory value is also set using the lower operating surface. When it is pressed and held for approximately 4 seconds, the Gira touch dimming top unit stores the currently set brightness level in the memory.

Technical data

Dimming levels
via five blue LEDs
the LED on the far left indicates the minimum brightness level and the LED on the far right indicates the maximum brightness level, seven further dimming levels are positioned in between
memory function
adjustable with 4 seconds contact duration
ambient temperature
+5 to +45 °C

Touch switching top unit

The Gira touch dimming top unit is available to match the Gira touch switching top unit. It also features capacitive sensor technology and can be operated by a light touch of the finger. Both touch products offer a uniform appearance. This is particularly advantageous when the Gira touch dimming top unit is installed together with other light switches.

The Gira touch switching top unit features a blue LED on the operating surface. This lights up for orientation in the dark and goes out as soon as the switch is actuated.

Dimming and switching inserts

The Gira touch dimming top unit and the Gira touch switching top unit can be combined with various inserts from the Gira System 2000.

Top units

Gira touch dimming top units
System 2000 Universal dimming insert 0305 00, Connected load 50 to 420 W/VA System 2000 LV dimming insert 0331 00, Connected load 20 to 500 VA System 2000 1-10-V control unit insert 0860 00
Gira touch switching top unit
System 2000 Tronic switching insert 0866 00 System 2000 Triac switching insert 0854 00 System 2000 relay insert 0853 00 System 2000 relay insert zero-voltage 1148 00 System 2000 HVAC relay insert 0303 00


Operating instructions

Universal LED dimming insert

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 2385 00

PDF, 840,6 KB


Compensation module LED

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 2375 00

PDF, 750,3 KB


Touch dimming top unit / Touch switching top unit, System 2000

Operating manual.

Bestell-Nr 2260 .., 2261 ..

PDF, 264,0 KB


Product information

Gira Touchdimmer

Product information Gira Touchdimmer Spot-on dimming Order no. 1788 90

Bestell-Nr 1788 90

PDF, 88,7 KB


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LED Dimm-Einsatz

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