high system flexibility through the client-server model

The application concept of the Gira HomeServer is based on a genuine client-server model. Because of this, the Gira HomeServer offers a particularly high degree of access flexibility with a wide variety of operating devices. Additional technologies can be easily integrated into the building control via the open IP interface.

Licence-free access with all devices through the client-server model

Thanks to the client-server model, users can access the HomeServer with any number of different operating devices. As a result, there is no need to license the individual devices.

More flexibility for home control thanks to the open IP interface

The Gira HomeServer communicates via an open IP interface. As a result, the HomeServer can be accessed by any device that also has an open IP interface and is configured accordingly. However, “open” does not mean freely accessible: access is, of course, password-protected and encrypted, so that only authorised occupants have access to the server.

Simple system integration via the Gira DCS-IP gateway

Using the DCS-IP gateway, additional systems from other manufacturers and additional functions can be connected to the network via the HomeServer. The door communication system can be integrated via a plug-in, for example. Everything can be easily controlled via the Gira Interface and audiovisual door communication is enabled via the Gira G1, or using a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Even third-party systems can be controlled comprehensively via the HomeServer.