Gira KNX presence detector Komfort

Energy-efficient light and climate control with comprehensive additional functions

The Gira KNX presence detector Komfort offers comprehensive additional functions for presence monitoring and motion detection indoors. When installed on the ceiling, it detects even the slightest motion in a range of 360°. The sensors’ crossed light paths guarantee that the detection range is covered without any gaps. This enables various functions in the KNX system such as lighting, heating, and ventilation to be controlled exactly as needed and to save power. Three digital PIR sensors that can be analysed individually ensure quick and precise motion detection. A brightness sensor is integrated for daylight-dependent lighting control. In addition, the Gira KNX presence detector Komfort is able to analyse user behaviour and independently optimise the delay time.

This saves energy and conserves the light source by preventing unnecessary switching on and off. Only a minimum and maximum value must be specified for this purpose: Depending on the duration of the movement detected in the room, the Gira KNX presence detector will select a correspondingly short or long delay time. Great emphasis is placed on operating convenience: The Gira KNX presence detector Komfort can be conveniently controlled using an infrared remote control, and offers numerous software features such as individually analysable sensors, adaptive lighting control, adjustable controller phases and much more. The device can thus be tailored precisely to the room conditions and occupants’ needs.

  • Precise presence and motion detection
  • Daylight-dependent lighting control
  • Energy-saving optimisation of the delay time
  • Easy switching between configured functions
  • Sensors that can be individually analysed
  • Three digital PIR sensors
  • Sensor sensitivity can be adjusted individually
  • Diverse potential applications
  • Convenient control via infrared remote control
  • Smart constant lighting control
  • Large detection range
  • Integrated bus coupler

Precise presence and motion detection

The Gira presence detector Komfort doesn’t miss a thing: It is equipped with three digital PIR sensors, which cover a range of 360° (3 x 120°). At a mounting height of 3 m, it has a nominal range of approximately 12 m at desk height and 20 m at floor height.

Sensor sensitivity can be adjusted individually

The sensitivity of the three PIR sensors can be set individually and flexibly adapted to individual installation scenarios. This enables movements to be reliably detected and prevents accidental triggering. In addition, the detection range can be limited using a clip-on panel.

Daylight-dependent lighting control

An integrated brightness sensor measures the current light intensity, thus providing the option of lighting control depending on the daylight available. This means that the lighting is only switched on when the room is not bright enough. If there is sufficient daylight, the lights stay off. The dusk stage of the brightness sensor can be set via the ETS, by using the teach-in function on the device, or by using any operating devices such as the Gira pushbutton sensor 3.

Diverse potential applications

The Gira KNX presence detector Komfort can be used as an individual device, main unit, or auxiliary unit, and is thus suitable for equipping a wide range of properties. When used as a main unit or auxiliary unit, semi-automatic, as well as fully-automatic control is possible. There is a choice of three preconfigured operating modes: presence detector, ceiling monitor and alarm device.

Energy-saving optimisation of the delay time

Adaptive delay time:

the Gira KNX presence detector Komfort offers the option to continuously analyse user behaviour in order to optimise the delay time (transmission delay) independently. This saves energy and conserves the light source by preventing unnecessary switching on and off. The longer the period during which motion is detected in the room, the longer the delay time. In contrast, if a room is only entered for a brief period, the Gira KNX presence detector Komfort also selects a short delay time. Occupants can freely define the minimum and maximum values themselves.

Short-term presence function for conference or training rooms:

The short-term presence function was developed as an addition to the adaptive delay time especially for light and climate control in conference and training rooms. If the Gira KNX presence detector Komfort detects motion only briefly, it selects the minimum delay time regardless of the self-taught value. As a result, lighting, heating, and ventilation will not remain switched on unnecessarily if somebody enters the room temporarily during a long conference break, e.g. the cleaning staff or catering service.

Smart constant lighting control

Device settings such as the dusk stage or delay time can be conveniently changed with the infrared remote control, which is available separately. The Gira KNX presence detector Komfort can also be switched on or off manually.

Sensors that can be individually analysed

Unlike the KNX presence detector Standard, the three PIR sensors of the Komfort model can be analysed separately. When used in combination with the Gira HomeServer therefore, it enables elements to be controlled based on the detected direction of motion, e.g. switching on lights in long hallways in a timely manner when someone walks through them.

Large detection range

The maximum detection range on the ground is approx. 20 m for a mounting height of 3 m.

Influence of the direction of motion on the size of the detection range

Movements of people who pass by the side of the device (tangential, left) can be detected from a greater distance than movements of people approaching or moving away from the device straight on (radial, left).


The Gira KNX presence detector Standard is delivered as a ready-to-connect complete device with an integrated bus coupler for flush-mounted installation. The device can also be fastened directly on the ceiling with the optional surface-mounted housing. When used as a motion detector, installation heights between 2.20 m and approx. 5 m are possible. If the device is used as a presence detector, a mounting height of 3.5 m should not be exceeded.

Accessories and expansions

Protective cage and mounting ring for surface-mounted installation

Dimensions [mm]

Device components

Technical data

Mounting height:
2.2 m to 5 m
Detection angle:
Nominal range floor:
approx. ∅ 20 m (mounting height 3 m)
Nominal range Desk height:
approx. ∅ 20 m (mounting height 3 m)
10 to 2000 Lux
Ambient temperature:
-5 °C to +45 °C
∅ x H 103 x 50 mm
Installation type:
Flush mounted or surface-mounted (in conjunction with a surface-mounted housing)


Operating instructions

KNX Presence detector Standard, Comfort

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 2105 .., 2106 ..

PDF, 2,0 MB


Technical Documentation

KNX presence detector Comfort

Technical documentation.

Bestell-Nr 2106 ..

PDF, 9,7 MB



Gira Smart Home

Bestell-Nr 18124 90

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Gira for the home

Planning tool for intelligent electrical installations Order no. 1911 90

Bestell-Nr 1911 90

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