Products for the KNX system

The Gira KNX system enables the seamless integration of diverse devices which offer an extremely broad range of functions. They ensure that even the most sophisticated requests of occupants can be fully implemented. Lighting, blinds and heating can therefore be controlled, and multimedia and security components can be networked to form a smart system. It is also possible to incorporate the Gira door communication system using various Gira Interface products – for even more convenient living and working.

Operating devices

Gira offers a wide array of devices and software tools for the convenient operation of all functions in the KNX system. Whether intelligent central control units with a touch screen, automatic sensors and manual pushbutton switches, smartphone and tablet applications – the Gira operating devices impress with their broad range of functions, high compatibility, and attractive design. At the same time, they can be flexibly adapted to the occupants' requirements and provide active assistance in saving energy without foregoing the usual ease of living.

KNX bus coupler button

The Gira KNX bus coupler buttons provide the interface between the KNX system and the user. The extremely robust devices are ideal for use in properties with particular requirements.


Gira offers various products within the Gira KNX system which analyse and evaluate data from the surroundings including brightness, temperature, and weather data, and then forward it to various actuators. In the next step, the actuators control actions such as lighting, heating, blinds, awnings, and motorised windows.


The Gira KNX input modules and button interfaces serve to integrate conventional sensors in the KNX. Both conventional switches and buttons can be connected, as well as digital and analogue sensors. Gira KNX input modules and button interfaces are available for flush-mounted and DRA installation.


These convert commands received from sensors, automatic control switches or timers into actions and provide the interface between the KNX system and the electrical devices.

System devices

The Gira KNX system devices integrate different interfaces. They are used to establish an effective communication structure and allow the system to be integrated into different environments.

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