Gira FacilityServer

The Gira FacilityServer offers sophisticated solutions for centralised control of the entire building technology and is specially designed for the commercial sector's high requirements. It can monitor, control and program the entire KNX installation and network all building services with each other. It also serves as a gateway for other facility systems, to which it provides consumption and operating data.

As the Gira FacilityServer connects to the internet via TCP/IP, the building management system can also be accessed externally, not just via a PC, but also using any internet-enabled device, such as a smartphone or Web TV. The Gira FacilityServer is supplied as a 19" insert with an aluminium trim plate for installation into a 19" rack.

Areas of application

The Gira FacilityServer offers the complete functional range of the Gira HomeServer and is equipped with considerably more memory for use in the commercial sector. This ensures that considerably larger amounts of data can be saved and more complex, extensive visualisations created. In addition, several Gira FacilityServer units can be networked, so that buildings that are spatially separated from each other can be interconnected without problems. This allows for the sophisticated coordination of local and higher-level applications.


The Gira FacilityServer takes over the monitoring and control of the entire KNX installation in commercial facilities. It interconnects the various functions and facilities, combines their functions and stores all the consumption and operating data. Recurring sequences can be automated and processes optimised. Intelligent control by the Gira FacilityServer guarantees optimum working conditions at all times and helps take the burden off staff. However, the building technology status can also be conveniently viewed and changed directly from a PC workstation, either as a whole or for a specific floor or an open-plan office.


Intelligent energy management is of particular importance in the commercial sector, since it allows capacity to be saved and operating costs to be reduced. The Gira FacilityServer allows you to control heating, cooling and lighting as needed and to define this individually for each room using time and usage profiles. This ensures that power is only used when it is actually needed. This not only lowers consumption, but also ensures optimum working conditions and time savings through automated processes. The Gira FacilityServer can also monitor complex technical facilities and significantly increase efficiency through process optimisation. In the process, it documents all the consumption and operating data, thus providing extensive material for further optimisation of energy management.


Security is extraordinarily important in the commercial sector, because high-quality equipment and large facilities have to be protected and business secrets safeguarded. In this connection, the Gira FacilityServer ensures security at the highest level. Alarm devices and sensors as well as IP cameras can be networked through it. These devices, sensors and cameras monitor both the inside and outside of the entire building, as well as the technical facilities – and if they register an irregularity or danger, the Gira FacilityServer triggers an alarm and takes initial countermeasures. In the event of leakage or overheating, or if limits are exceeded, a detailed fault message is displayed immediately, for example on the PC monitor. The system thus makes it possible to respond to problems quickly before any more damage occurs.


  • Dimensions (W x H x D):
    Device with 19” insert: 483 x 88 x 270 mm
    (2U), depth with handle: 305 mm
  • Extended RAM and expanded data memory (flash memory)
  • Connection possibilities:
    1 serial port
    1 RJ 45 network connection, 10/100 Mbit Ethernet.
    Connection to ISDN via USB-ISDN adapter Art. No.: 2093 00
  • to the KNX system via:
    KNX IP router, KNX flush-mounted USB data interface, KNX USB data interface DRA (USB functionality available from Expert version 2.4 or higher)
  • Start-up software:
    Gira FacilityServer Expert for operating systems from Windows XP™ including Internet Explorer
    Adoption of ETS group addresses
    Integration of graphics programmes
    Low wear
    Investment protection through expansions and software updates

Included contents

  • Power supply with connection line, null modem cable
  • Brief instructions for start-up
  • Gira FacilityServer in 19” insert with aluminium plate
  • Mounting kit

Gira Smart Home

Smart Homes are booming. But with all the different products and systems that are around, it’s easy to get confused.
Here we present application examples for the Gira HomeServer and the Gira X1 Server, as well as wireless networking with Gira eNet SMART HOME based on concise application examples.

Explore the Gira Smart Home


Operating instructions

Protocol specification of TCP/IP Gira Control

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 2068 00, 2078 00, 2088 00, 2097 00

PDF, 145,6 KB


Gira HomeServer / FacilityServer

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 0529 00, 2075 00

ZIP, 7,4 MB


USB ISDN Interface

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 2093 00

PDF, 25,2 KB


Set up IFTTT

This document describes the setup of IFTTT in connection with the Gira S1 and the Gira X1 or Gira HomeServer.

Bestell-Nr 2089 00

PDF, 1,3 MB


Set up Amazon Alexa

This document describes the setup of Amazon Alexa in connection with the Gira S1 and the Gira X1 or Gira HomeServer.

Bestell-Nr 2089 00

PDF, 4,6 MB


Set up Google Assistant

This document describes the setup of Google Assistant in connection with the Gira S1 and the Gira X1 or Gira HomeServer.

Bestell-Nr 2089 00

PDF, 2,2 MB


Product information

Gira Home Server

Product information Gira Home Server Controlling intelligent building technology easily – at home and while away Order no. 18871 90

Bestell-Nr 18871 90

PDF, 5,6 MB



Gira for the home

Planning tool for intelligent electrical installations Order no. 1911 90

Bestell-Nr 1911 90

PDF, 1,9 MB


Gira Event

Product information Gira Event The new definition Order no. 1914 90

Bestell-Nr 1914 90

PDF, 1,6 MB


Gira Smart Home

Bestell-Nr 18124 90

PDF, 2,0 MB



Gira Expert

Software for the Gira HomeServer 4 or Gira FacilityServer 4.

Bestell-Nr 0529 00, 2075 00

ZIP, 428,2 MB


Gira HomeServer / Gira FacilityServer – Firmware

Attention! Only for Gira HomeServer 4 or Gira FacilityServer 4.

Bestell-Nr 0529 00, 2075 00

ZIP, 15,0 MB


Gira Control Point

UPnP plug-in for the controlling of Loewe and Revox devices.

Bestell-Nr 0529 00, 2075 00

ZIP, 2,1 MB


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