“Christmas with Mister Smart”

Particularly at the end of this unprecedented year, which has demanded an enormous amount from every one of us, we wish you and your families a peaceful Christmas period and a relaxing festive season. Our virtual “Mister Smart” is also in urgent need of rest and relaxation – shortly before the festive season, he is still busy collecting product packages to make sure all orders are completed by Christmas Eve. You can give him a hand and make sure that he gets home to his family in time to give out the presents. Simply download our Gira “Jump & Run” app to your smartphone and start this entertaining game. As you run through our logistics centre together with “Mister Smart”, successfully avoiding the many obstacles placed in your path, you will collect parcels and points. With skill (and a bit of luck), you can win one of our daily prizes or even our particularly exciting main prize. Either way, your scores can do some good and help to support this year’s fundraising campaign for three equally worthy causes.

Play, win, and do some good

You can pledge your points to one of the non-profit initiatives that Gira is supporting this year through an overall donation of at least 60,000 euros, in addition to the Junior University in Wuppertal, which is set to receive 50,000 euros. The total number of points collected for the initiatives will determine how the donation amount is distributed – the organisation with the most points can look forward to receiving 30,000 euros, while the initiatives with the second and third highest score will receive 20,000 and 10,000 euros respectively.

But that’s not all: if the total number of points scored by all players combined exceeds the target of 1,905,000 by the time the competition ends on 3 January 2021, Gira will increase the donation amount by another 10,000 euros per recipient – i.e. by a total of 30,000 euros. All in all, this means that Gira will be donating 140,000 euros to a number of worthy causes.

Jump & Run – that’s all there is to it

Depending on the type of smartphone you have, download the free “Jump & Run” app from the AppStore (iOS) or Google PlayStore. To do this, you must register with a valid e-mail address and a user name of your choice. When registering, you must also select one of the charitable initiatives to which Gira 2020 will be donating. The points you collect while playing will automatically be assigned to that organisation.

You’re now good to go. Collect products by controlling “Mister Smart”, who will start to move automatically. Make sure that you jump over any obstacles that might appear, as the game will restart if “Mister Smart” hits one, with the round ending as soon as he hits an obstacle for the third time. The total points collected across the three rounds will give you your score, which will then be added to the account of your chosen initiative.

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How you can win

The aim of the game is to earn as many points as possible – both per game round and throughout the entire duration of the competition. The player with the highest number of points each day will receive a daily prize, with the main prize going to the player who collects the most points throughout the entire duration of the competition (10 December 2020 – 3 January 2021). The respective winners will be notified within five working days by e-mail to the address provided during registration.

Main prize

If, at the end of the competition, you have the highest points tally for a single round of all those playing, you can look forward to receiving a Gira System 106 (single-family house package, surface-mounted video home station 7). It is not just the body and the flat modules of our door communication system that impress with their unobtrusive, elegant design – the Gira System 106 is also full of innovative technology and functional details, such as a high-quality intercom system with background noise suppression, a camera with backlight compensation, a brightness sensor for the call button, and an integrated heater to protect the system.

More about the Gira System 106

Daily prize

From 10 December 2020 to 3 January 2021, you will have the chance to win an exciting prize each day. To be in with a chance, by the end of the day you must have collected more points in one single round than any other player over the last 24 hours. A Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device will then be yours. This device operates using the photoelectric scattered light principle – a diode in the device emits light signals, and, in the event of a fire, a photocell evaluates the light scattered by smoke particles. As soon as its concentration exceeds the threshold value, a pulsating alarm signal sounds, even before the smoke concentration becomes dangerous.

Information on the Dual Q smoke alarm device

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Daily high score: Top 10

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For three worthy causes

With the points you collect each time you play, you can help to support Gira’s Christmas donation this year. With at least 60,000 euros in total, we are hoping to be able to support three initiatives in 2020 that are doing exemplary work through social projects or in the field of environmental protection, both in Germany and the wider world. This year, these initiatives are:

  • Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk (the German Children’s Fund)
  • medico international – Sinani
  • NABU Naturschutzbund Deutschland (the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union of Germany)

If you and your fellow players collect more than 1,905,000 points by the end of the competition, we will increase the donation for each of the three initiatives by 10,000 euros.

German Children’s Fund

The German Children’s Fund has been committed to helping children for more than 45 years. Its stated goal is to make Germany a place for children and to create child-friendly living conditions through preventive engagement against child poverty, tangible support for children in need and their families, funding for around 300 child and youth projects, and lobbying on behalf of children.


medico international – Sinani

In English, Sinani translates into something like “We are with you”. The name says it all, because Sinani – founded in South Africa in 1994 – provides care in the province of KwaZulu-Natal for those who are often left to fend for themselves, including survivors of violence and people suffering from AIDS and their families. medico international has been a supporter of Sinani since 1999.



Naturschutzbund Deutschland (the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union of Germany, NABU)

NABU is the largest environmental organisation in Germany. Its stated goal is to work to ensure that “our world is one worth living in”. To this end, the organisation takes practical action to preserve biological diversity in Germany, to encourage environmentally sound land use, to reduce the consumption of resources, and to ensure effective climate protection and ecological justice.


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