Integration in myRENZbox

Combining for even more convenience

In collaboration with RENZ, the Gira built-in speaker and the Gira camera can be easily integrated into the RENZ parcel box system. In this way, not only can private or business parcels be received or sent at a central location, but – thanks to the additional audio and video functionalities of the Gira components – the Gira home stations can also be used via the digital bell of the myRENZbox.


Whether audio or video function, whether hands-free or with receiver, whether flush-mounted or surface-mounted installation, whether wall-mounted or with a base foot – all the home stations of the Gira door communication system can be used:

The myRENZbox can be installed as a freestanding system in the entrance area of residential or commercial buildings or on the wall. Whether in a new building, or in a conversion or renovation,

it can be implemented directly or retrofitted – and this for all types of use, especially in apartment buildings, residential complexes or multifunctional buildings.


The integration of door communication is based on the Gira built-in speaker and the Gira communication interface. The RENZ control unit provides electronic control. The touch display is available in 5", 8" and 32". Door calls are placed via the touch display and the Gira communication interface: on the touch display the visitor selects the resident they wish to visit and presses the call button. The door call is transmitted to the 2-wire bus system via the Gira X1 in connection with the Gira DCS-IP data interface (digital call input via RENZ Panel).

Colour/design variations

The myRENZbox is available in over 200 RAL colours. The Gira built-in speaker and the Gira camera can be perfectly integrated into it.

Installation and assembly

The following hardware components are required for installation:

  • RENZ digital bell
  • Gira built-in speaker (125800)
  • Gira TX_44 camera (optional)
  • Gira DCS-IP data interface (55 00000)
  • Gira X1 (209600) and
  • the desired Gira home stations per occupant

System graphics for integration

The door call is transmitted to the 2-wire bus system via the Gira X1 in connection with the Gira DCS-IP data interface. More about the individual components:

Contact address

Additional information available from:

Erwin Renz
Metallwarenfabrik GmbH & Co KG
Boschstrasse 3
71737 Kirchberg/Murr

Tel.: +49 (0)7144-301-0
Fax: +49 (0)7144-301-185



Gira door communication

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