Gira surface-mounted home station

Quick, no-fuss surface-mounted installation

The Gira surface-mounted home station offers particularly convenient wall-mounting solutions. Completely pre-assembled, it is only 21 mm thick and can be installed quickly and easily, with or without frames as desired.

Functions and features

The voice quality achieved by all the Gira home station versions can be compared to quality levels achieved in mobiles or hands-free systems in cars. The user selects his or her favourite from five different ringtone melodies as well as the optional light switching function – for staircases, for example – which can be implemented with an additional switching actuator. In addition to accepting calls and opening doors, other functions include switching the ringtone on and off, regulating the ringtone and voice volume, and switching up to three home stations in parallel.

Speaker and microphone

The hands-free unit is equipped with a voice-operated switch. The microphone is automatically activated where the level is higher. If ambient noise at the front door is particularly high, the person at the home station can activate the microphone with an override function by pressing a button.

Installation with or without frame

  1. Strip the supply cable flush with the wall.
  2. Mark the drilling holes. Select the installation spot so that the mounting plate is centred over the cable outlet.
  3. Drill the two mounting holes and insert the wall plugs.
  4. Attach the mounting/base plate with the cover frame to the wall with two screws.
  5. After the mounting/base plate is installed, the home station is connected:
    the 2-wire bus to the bus terminals, any additional power supply used to the additional supply (AS) terminals (one additional power supply per device is required for three or more surface-mounted video home stations called up in parallel),
    the lines of the floor-call button to the floor-call button (FC) terminals.
  6. Close the home station: place the upper housing section on the mounting plate and snap it into place.

Assembly on a flush-mounted device box

  1. Strip the supply cable.
  2. Place the mounting plate and cover frame onto the flush-mounted device box.
  3. Secure the mounting plate to the support ring of the flush-mounted device box with two screws.

Technical data

Power supply:
26 V DC ± 2 V (bus voltage)
Connections door communication bus coupler:
2-wire bus: 2 x screw terminals Floor-call button: 2 x screw terminals
System 55: W 55 x H 127 x D 20 mm Gira F100: W 70 x H 142 x D 20 mm
Ambient temperature:
0°C to +50°C
Installation type:


Operating instructions

Surface-mounted Hands-free feature home station

Operating instructions (for devices with index I06 and higher).

Bestell-Nr 1250 ..

PDF, 461,8 KB


Surface-mounted Hands-free feature home station

Operating instructions (valid for devices up to index I05).

Bestell-Nr 1250 ..

PDF, 98,5 KB



Gira for the home

Planning tool for intelligent electrical installations Order no. 1911 90

Bestell-Nr 1911 90

PDF, 1,9 MB


Gira door communication

Bestell-Nr 18123 90

PDF, 2,2 MB


Guides / system basics

Gira Door communication system

Basics, planning examples Door communication system Order no. 1736 90

PDF, 5,4 MB


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