Gira Studio

A rounded design.

Round and square, black and white: The new Gira Studio design line in high-quality glass focuses on contrasts. As a surface-mounted variant in fashionable design interiors, or as a flush-mounted variant in sophisticated living areas. Combined with inserts from the Gira System 55, a host of modern designs and future-proof installations can be implemented with Gira Studio.

Gira Studio surface-mounted
Design in series

The design-oriented Gira Studio surface-mounted is perfect for high-quality installations. It can be installed as a simple solution for controlling the lights, for example. However, Gira Studio surface-mounted, in high-quality glass and shatter-proof thermoplastic, is also ideal for multiple installations, both horizontally and vertically. It thus offers endless design options and a virtually unlimited variety of functions in the Gira System 55.

Gira Studio flush-mounted
Single or multiple installation

Gira Studio flush-mounted is just as versatile as its surface-mounted counterpart. Single or multiple installation, horizontal or vertical: Gira Studio flush-mounted in high-quality glass allow you to create special highlights on the wall and linear designs that merge seamlessly with any interior design in form and function.

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