Intelligent Smart Home systems for the building owners of tomorrow, networked by specialist partners

Are you looking to enter the Smart Home market and are you seeking up-to-date solutions that can be easily adapted to your customers’ individual requirements? Gira Smart Home products can fulfil these requirements. Smart home networking offers the electrical trade the opportunity to make its customers’ households fit for the future, while at the same time opening up new customer potential.

Gira Smart Home boasts the following features:

  • Can be personalised
  • Can be extended at a later date
  • Available as a wireless system or as a cable-connected KNX solution
  • Solutions available for new and old buildings
  • Professional system integrators offer installation support

Gira Smart Home will increase your sales. Reap the benefits of this future-proof system and successfully enter a lucrative growth market.

The future is smart: Intelligent Smart Home systems from Gira are revolutionising building technology

With Gira Smart Home products the desire for a networked home can be easily fulfilled. Whether your customers are planning a new build or living in an old building: Both wired and wireless solutions can be used to combine lighting, heating, blinds and audio control in a single system in almost any property. Two options are available for networking rooms:

The Gira eNet SMART HOME system

  • A stable, reliable and secure wireless system for existing and new buildings
  • Blinds, lighting, heating and timers can be individually configured, together with if-then rules
  • Future-proof wireless system based on manufacturer-independent industry standard

The Gira KNX system

  • Enables networking in accordance with the KNX standard for building automation
  • Flexible extension and an almost endless range of programming possibilities
  • Integrates, among other things, blinds, lighting, heating, door intercoms, cameras, alarm and audio systems and systems for sanitary, kitchen and entertainment areas

Benefits for electrical tradesmen


  • Can be installed and set up by any electrician
  • A large network of Gira experts is at your disposal to offer support by acting as system integrators
  • You can develop your own skills thanks to the many training courses available in the Gira Academy


  • Can be extended
  • Can be personalised
  • Data-secure systems


  • Efficient installation time
  • Remote maintenance possible
  • Saves time thanks to simple parametrisation by the Gira Project Assistant, the Gira experts or Gira eNet SMART HOME connect

Advantages for end users


  • Intuitive operation
  • Can be configured according to individual requirements
  • Wide variety of functions
  • Central control of light, blinds, heating, etc. from any location


  • Excellent data security
  • Protection against burglary with presence simulation
  • Protection against storm damage


  • Energy-efficient
  • Increase in value of the property
  • Remote maintenance by the master electrician

The right system for every project

Gira offers a wide range of Smart Home solutions to ensure it can meet every customer requirement. In the following you will gain an insight into the Gira Smart Home portfolio.

Gira Smart Home systems at a glance:

Gira eNet SMART HOME – the ideal solution for retrofitting or apartments

  • Enables quick and easy control of integrated components such as light, temperatures and blinds by remote
  • The integrated devices can be controlled individually or according to the situation and requirements
  • Can be operated via the Gira eNet SMART HOME App, the Gira G1 operating device, the Gira wireless wall transmitter and the Gira wireless hand-held transmitter
  • Easy start-up and documentation of the project possible via Gira eNet SMART HOME connect
  • Easy start-up through software support with Gira eNet SMART HOME connect

Gira X1 Server – the ideal solution for the single-family home

  • Enables the automation and visualisation of buildings with KNX systems
  • Easy start-up with the Gira Project Assistant
  • Remote maintenance possible via the Gira S1
  • Ability to control Sonos audio systems
  • Configuration of large numbers of scenes, timers and functions 

Gira HomeServer/Gira FacilityServer – the perfect solution for villas/commercial properties

  • Allows intelligent building technology to be controlled centrally via a large number of operating devices
  • Allows for the integration of other technologies such as door intercoms, cameras, audio systems and third-party systems with KNX standard for sanitary, kitchen and entertainment areas
  • Remote maintenance via the Gira S1 
  • Personalised visualisation of your own building 
  • Unlimited possibilities for the configuration of scenes, timers and functions

More information about Gira Smart Home systems

Gira Smart Home systems can be individually adapted to the needs of your customers.
Below you will find details of the functions, compatibility and installation of the Gira HomeServer, the Gira X1 server and the Gira eNet SMART HOME server.

Gira eNet SMART HOME – straightforward retrofitting of homes with Smart Home systems

Using Gira eNet SMART HOME, individual residential units within an apartment building can be easily equipped with a Smart Home system. Lamps, heaters and blinds can be integrated into apartments of up to 120 m² and then controlled by remote – both individually and according to the situation and requirements – via wall or hand-held transmitters, the G1 operating device or the app.

In order to achieve this, existing switches or buttons are simply replaced with Gira eNet wireless operating top units. The system is then easily started up via the eNet SMART HOME connect browser interface and, once setup is complete, you can automatically and conveniently begin to document your eNet SMART HOME project.

Gira eNet SMART HOME App

The Gira eNet SMART HOME system can be controlled simply and intuitively via the Gira eNet SMART HOME App – both at home and when on the move. Anyone who downloads the app can easily trigger individual functions via their smartphone at the touch of a finger. Various timers, including astro function, scenes and if-then rules can also be configured.

The eNet SMART HOME App is intuitive to use and easy to integrate into the Smart Home system.

eNet SMART HOME App for Android devices

eNet SMART HOME App for iOS devices

Gira X1 – automate single-family homes conveniently and economically

The Gira X1 server makes automating and visualising a single-family home with a KNX system simpler, more convenient and more economical than ever before. The device is able to meet the individual wishes and needs of single-family home owners and building owners alike. The Gira X1 Server therefore provides greater convenience and security for residents. Many functions can be monitored and controlled remotely when away from home.

As the Gira X1 can be easily parametrised via the Gira Project Assistant, the server can be put into operation without complications. Configuration of the KNX system with the Gira X1 is achieved easily and intuitively using drag & drop. The KNX system can also be configured using ETS and the Gira X1 as a KNX interface.

Gira Smart Home App

The app for the Gira X1 turns existing mobile devices into convenient operating elements for intelligent building technology. The user-friendly interface of the Gira Smart Home App displays the KNX installation, and functions such as dimming, switching, blind operation and heating control can be called up e.g. via scenes or timers. Camera images can also be accessed “live”.

The Gira Smart Home App is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Gira X1 App for Android devices

Gira X1 App for iOS devices

Gira HomeServer – greater convenience in large residential buildings

With their large numbers of rooms and upscale furnishings, large residential buildings such as villas place special demands on intelligent building technology. These demands can be fully met with the Gira HomeServer, which connects the KNX system with the computer network and functions as an onboard computer. The Gira HomeServer allows you to create a personalised visualisation of your own building, ensuring that you always maintain an overview of the building technology.

The Gira HomeServer allows for the central control of lighting, blinds, heating, door intercoms and cameras, the design of room scenes, requirements-based single-room control of ventilation and heating, fully automated garden sprinklers, multimedia entertainment in all rooms, and much more.

The KNX system is parametrised by Gira experts. The individual wishes and needs of the residents can be met via a wide range of functions.

Gira FacilityServer – sophisticated networking for the commercial sector

The complete range of services offered by the Gira HomeServer is also available for use in the commercial sector: the Gira FacilityServer takes over the monitoring and control of the entire KNX installation in commercial facilities. It interconnects the various functions and facilities, combines their functions and stores all the consumption and operating data. Recurring sequences can be automated and processes optimised. In addition, several Gira FacilityServer units can be networked, meaning that buildings that are spatially separated from one another can be easily interconnected. This allows for the sophisticated coordination of local and higher-level applications.

Gira HomeServer/Gira FacilityServer App

With the Gira HomeServer/Gira FacilityServer App, you can conveniently operate all of the building technology from your iPhone, iPad or any Android-based mobile device.

Users can immediately find their way around the operating menu of the free app used to control the Gira HomeServer and enjoy the benefits of intuitive menu navigation, even when on the move. Your customers therefore have easy access to all control functions and can keep a constant eye on all of the building technology, regardless of their location.

The Gira HomeServer/Gira FacilityServer App is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Gira HomeServer/Gira FacilityServer App for iPhone

Gira HomeServer/Gira FacilityServer HD App for iPad

Gira HomeServer/Gira FacilityServer App for Android devices

Products for the Gira Smart Home

Various products are available for the control and configuration of the Gira Smart Home systems.

Operating devices:

Gira G1 – the all-rounder

The Gira G1 is the smart control centre with a bright multi-touch display through which all functions can be conveniently operated with a touch or gesture. It is suitable for use with both the eNet SMART HOME wireless system and KNX systems and can be connected via LAN or WLAN. Not only does this make it suitable for new builds, it is also the ideal choice for modernisations and retrofits.

Gira KNX pushbutton sensor 4

The Gira pushbutton sensor 4 will impress you with its high-quality, modern design, genuine materials and pleasant feel. Depending on the version used, up to eight individually definable functions can be established with one Gira pushbutton sensor 4, and either one or two LEDs provide clear operating and status information. 

The Gira pushbutton sensor 4 is available in various high-quality materials, such as white glass, black glass, stainless steel, aluminium or aluminium black. It is available in 1-gang, 2-gang and 4-gang versions.

Gira KNX pushbutton sensor 3

The Gira KNX pushbutton sensor 3 is an operation unit for the KNX system. It can be used to switch on and dim lights, raise and lower blinds, control the room temperature, call up entire scenes consisting of light, blinds and music, and much more.

Depending on the device variant, the Gira KNX pushbutton sensor is available with two, four, six or eight individually assignable functions. If the pushbutton sensor is configured as a central 1-way switch, all previously defined devices can be switched off at the push of a button – individual lights and light rails as well as entire circuits. The pushbutton sensor can also be configured as a panic button.

Devices for parametrisation and maintenance:

Gira Project Assistant

The Gira Project Assistant (GPA) allows a complete Gira X1 visualisation of a single-family house or apartment to be created quickly and easily. In addition, the GPA includes a comprehensive logic editor, including simulation options, that can be used to programme numerous Smart Home functions. This is made all the easier thanks to the intuitive and clear drag & drop parametrisation. In addition, when combined with the Gira DCS-IP data interface, the GPA allows the Gira door communication system to start up quickly and neatly.

Gira S1

You can switch off the lights, check camera footage, turn on the heating and close the blinds – all while on the move and safe in the knowledge that no unauthorised person has access to the communication: When combined with the Gira X1 or Gira HomeServer, the Gira S1 allows your customers to connect to their Smart Home from any location in an uncomplicated and fully secure manner. After all, the communication is encrypted. Simply start the Gira Smart Home App or the Gira HomeServer App (iOS), and the Gira S1 will take care of the rest in cooperation with the Gira device portal. The laborious task of activating a VPN or special settings in the router is no longer necessary.

As the Gira S1 can be installed very quickly, the installation can be planned and calculated extremely well. The secure and simple remote maintenance allows customers to be provided with effective support from a distance.

Further information about the Gira Smart Home Systems KNX, Gira eNet SMART HOME and our operating devices can be found here.



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