Gira panic button

Gira panic button, Gira Esprit, black glass/pure white

What happens if you hear a suspicious noise at night? No need to worry – the panic button is within reach. Simply press it briefly, and your house and garden will be flooded with a bright deterrent light. In most cases, this trick causes intruders to flee in panic. The panic button is a bus installation: a pushbutton sensor or wireless wall transmitter programmed as a panic button.


Operating instructions

Push button sensor 3 basic 1-2-/3-gang F100, Push button sensor 3 comfort 1-/2-/3-/4-gang F100

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 2021 .., 2022 .., 2023 .., 2031 .., 2032 .., 2033 .., 2034 .., 2035 ..

PDF, 320,5 KB


Technical Documentation

Push button sensor 3 basic 1-/2-/3-gang F100

Technical documentation.

Bestell-Nr 2021 .., 2022 .., 2023 ..

PDF, 891,4 KB


Installation instructions

Rocker sets for pushbutton sensor 4

Assembly instructions.

Bestell-Nr 5021 .., 5022 .., 5024 .., 5031 .., 5032 .., 5034 ..

PDF, 1,8 MB


Product information

Gira push button sensor 3

Product information Gira push button sensor 3 Controlling the Gira KNX / EIB electrical installation Order no. 17171 90

Bestell-Nr 17171 90

PDF, 440,9 KB



Gira for the home

Planning tool for intelligent electrical installations Order no. 1911 90

Bestell-Nr 1911 90

PDF, 1,9 MB


Gira Smart Home

Bestell-Nr 18124 90

PDF, 2,0 MB


Pushbutton sensor 4

Gira / Smart Home / Pushbutton sensor 4

Bestell-Nr 18127 90

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