Gira rain sensor 0/10 V

Gira rain sensor 0/10 V

The Gira rain sensor 0 / 10 V records and analyses precipitation. The conductivity of the rain water is analysed using a sensor, and an output signal of 0 or 10 V is then provided.

The end of precipitation can be logged almost immediately with the help of installed heating.


The Gira rain sensor can be operated in connection with the weather station as basic device, the analogue sensor interface, or the binary input, 6-gang 24 V. The required power supply (24 V DC) for the electronics is provided by these devices (except for the binary input, 6-gang 24 V). Additional voltage of 24 V AC/DC is required for the internal heating. A heating transformer can be used to provide this voltage to the rain sensor 0/10 V. Connecting to systems from other manufacturers is also possible. The device is suitable for outdoor installation. A 45° bracket to mount the sensor on a wall or pole is included in the scope of supply.

Technical data

Electr. output
0 V dry, 10 V rain
24 V DC
Current consumption
approx. 10 mA (without heating)
24 V AC/DC max. 4.5 W
Ambient temperature
-30 °C to +70 °C
Cable length
max. 100 m
Installation position
approx. 45°
Protection type
IP 65
L 58 x B 83 x H 17 cm


Operating instructions

Wind sensor heatable, Rain sensor 0/10V

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 0579 00, 0580 00

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Gira Smart Home

Bestell-Nr 18124 90

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