25 years of Gira HomeServer

Gira are not just the ones with the switches, but also the ones with the HomeServer. As a KNX Smart Home pioneer, the Gira HomeServer, the fourth generation of which is available now, is one of our best-known products. It is full to the brim with sophisticated hardware and software and, thanks to regular updates, it is as modern and relevant to intelligent building technology today as it was a quarter of a century ago. We invite you to join us as we take a look back at the Gira HomeServer, which gives us at least 25 good reasons to celebrate.

Lots of reasons to join us in celebrating the Gira HomeServer.

Because there is no comparable device on the market. It simply keeps going and going and going – sometimes for decades after installation.

Because the Gira HomeServer even controls building technology in the Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg.

Because the Gira HomeServer has the best community in the world: which other product has fans who are willing to support a remote Smart Home parameter setting test from the other side of the world?

Because there are many applications for the Gira HomeServer, which are available to download from the Gira AppShop, such as logic nodes, functional templates or instructions, which enable further personalisation.

Because successfully developing the Gira HomeServer has always been the product of close collaboration between disciplines, including our partners and the customer community.

Because the Gira HomeServer can achieve optimal energy efficiency in Smart Homes thanks to intelligent consumption controls – for example, the charging station only starts up when the PV storage is full.

The Gira HomeServer is designed without fans or moving parts and is therefore completely silent. This means it can be mounted anywhere, whether in a rack or in the living room.

Because the Gira HomeServer can also be tailored to even the most preciseuser requirements, whether in flats, villas or offices.

Because the Gira HomeServer is a true pioneer – for example, in remote start up, a feature that was implemented following requests from customers based in Norway, where system integrators were required to make very long journeys every day for work.

The system is based on Linux and has always been designed to operate smoothly and with a high level of security.

Because the community alone has now developed more than 500 logic nodes, with the help of its own software development kit (SDK), for example.

Because the industrial hardware is very robust and, thanks to software updates that are free of charge, the Gira HomeServer is continuously developed once installed.

Because the Gira HomeServer is so powerful that it can even enable the automation and visualisation of airports or production sites. 

Because almost everything can be connected, integrated and automated using the Gira HomeServer. In principle: there's no such thing as impossible.

Because an unlimited number of users can control the Smart Home with the Gira HomeServer, and they don't even have to be in the same region or country.

Because the start-up software, support and updates are free of charge.

Because the Gira HomeServer offers open interfaces for third-party developers and therefore enables the Smart Home set-up to be as personalised as possible.

Because the QuadClient (QC) floor plan visualisation quickly displays the floor plan, which highlights the most important functions such as light or temperature and enables quick navigation through the Smart Home.

Because the parameter setting of the Gira HomeServer can also be remotely tested without a KNX connection, which enables efficient Smart Home automation.

Because the Gira HomeServer, in combination with QuadClient and free visualisation by means of HTML 5, offers endless scope for personalisation.

Because QuadClient can quickly and easily generate visualisation elements itself, which eliminates the need for time-consuming graphic work for visualisation.

Because the Gira HomeServer comes with a wide range of smart functions as standard, such as a smart presence simulation for effective burglary prevention and a query function to efficiently display key information.

Gira HomeServer milestones

Praise for the HomeServer

"The limits were generally imposed by the system. When we launched in 1998, it was just one piece of software that ran on Windows 95. That's why we launched Gira HomeServer 2 in 2000."

Markus Fromm-Wittenberg
Part of the Product Management team since day one

"[...] there is still no other device that offers this scope. The Gira HomeServer has been a benchmark product since day one and remains in a class of its own."

Karl Harald Kleinert
Gira Academy trainer

Gira HomeServer testimonials