Gira KNX DALI gateway Plus

Flexible lighting control via the Gira KNX system

The Gira KNX DALI gateway Plus is the interface between the KNX installation in the building and a digital DALI lighting system. It thus networks two of the most important standards for building control. As a digital alternative to the usual 1-10 V technology, the device, with its many intelligent functions, offers the same convenience as complex bus systems – and yet is much easier and less expensive to install. For example a normal 5-wire NYM cable, which is often already present in the existing electrical installation, can be used both for the power supply and the bus wiring. What’s more, far fewer control components are needed than in a conventional 1–10 V system: The Gira KNX DALI gateway Plus enables extremely flexible addressing so that the connected devices can be controlled either individually or as part of one or more groups. In total, it is possible to switch on/off or dim a maximum of 64 lights in up to 32 groups. Groups are assigned independently of their wiring, meaning that they can be changed at any time.

Compared with its predecessor, the Gira KNX DALI gateway, the Gira KNX DALI gateway Plus offers enhanced functionality, which allows a great deal of freedom in designing individual lighting concepts. A large variety of dynamic sequences and light effects can be saved and called up. And room-based lighting control can be integrated into KNX building management – for open-plan offices, production halls, conference rooms, display windows, and many other scenarios. The device also boasts an expanded scene control function – lights and light groups can be integrated into up to 16 light scenes. Up to 16 effects, each with 16 effect steps, permits even more flexibility: These effects enable extremely complex dynamic lighting moods to be created. The Gira KNX DALI gateway Plus additionally has a DIN 18015-2-compliant staircase and corridor function, and can also be integrated into a DALI emergency light system. The DALI devices can be configured either online or offline via the ETS plug-in.

Application example

Flexible addressing

Up to six different addressing types enable individual devices and groups to be controlled, which is the basis for complex individual light scenes and effects. Furthermore, individual devices from several groups can also be assigned as part of the group assignment. Central control (broadcasting) is also an option. In this case, the DALI start-up is omitted: Meaning that lighting systems with low functional requirements can be quickly and easily put into operation.

Configuration regardless of wiring

The Gira KNX DALI gateway Plus offers the option of assigning light groups regardless of the wiring. In contrast to 1–10 V systems, there is no need to modify the wiring when group assignments need to be changed. This means that all the cables can already be laid in a new build even if the exact room layout is still to be determined. If a room layout is changed at a later time, the light groups will only have to be reconfigured in the system. The lighting can therefore adapt to the changing needs of occupants.

Versatile application

A DALI system with the Gira KNX DALI gateway Plus is a good choice anywhere complex room-based lighting control should be operated in an energy-efficient manner with low maintenance costs: in open-plan offices, multi-purpose rooms, production halls, training and lecture rooms, or display windows, as well as in private homes. In order to prevent standby losses, the mains voltage of the DALI devices can be switched off using an additional KNX switching actuator.

Designing individual light scenes

The Gira KNX DALI gateway Plus can save information for various light scenes. Pre-programmed lighting moods in which many different lights interact to create an overall impression can be called up via the KNX system at the touch of a finger. With the Gira KNX DALI gateway Plus, lights or light groups can be integrated into up to 16 scenes. Effects can also be components of light scenes, which enables dynamic as well as static lighting moods to be created.

Numerous effects for dynamic lighting moods

Whatever mood you’re after, whether the light should vary over the course of the day or enhance the atmosphere of the room as a changing design element, the Gira KNX DALI gateway Plus with its 16 saveable effects – each with 16 effect steps – will help you achieve it. Each effect step represents a separate lighting mood. The steps in their entirety are dynamic thanks to time-controlled switching. Individual devices, groups, or even complete light scenes can be controlled. The effect can be set to run from 1 to 500 times or to repeat itself indefinitely – entirely as desired.

Integrated elapsed operating time meter

To ensure that maintenance intervals are adhered to, an elapsed operating time meter that can count forwards and backwards is integrated, e.g. for each light: When a certain meter reading is reached, maintenance staff are automatically notified via the KNX system and can thus carry out the maintenance on time.

Staircase and corridor function for more energy efficiency and security

The Gira KNX DALI gateway Plus features a staircase function that can be parametrised separately to implement time-controlled lighting of a staircase or similar applications. This can be expanded to include a DIN 18015-2-compliant advance warning function, which warns anyone lingering on the staircase that the light will soon be switched off. In combination with motion detectors, the corridor function allows the lighting level to be lowered when no motion is detected. This ensures increased security and prevents unnecessary power consumption.

Integration into locally and centrally-supplied emergency lighting systems

The Gira KNX DALI gateway Plus is able to integrate DALI standard control devices as emergency lights in centrally-powered emergency lighting systems in accordance with IEC 62386-101 (DALI system) and IEC 62386-102 (control gear). Alternatively or additionally, it allows the control of single battery-operated emergency lighting control devices in accordance with IEC 62386-202. To simplify maintenance, various tests and queries can be performed automatically via the KNX system in locally-supplied emergency lighting systems. In emergency lighting systems that are supplied centrally, there is an option to supply the KNX system and DALI gateway Plus from the central safety power supply, in addition to the emergency lights. In this way, the functionality of the entire system can be maintained during emergency operation. Function tests can be performed automatically at any time via the KNX system.


Mounting on a top-hat rail in accordance with DIN EN 60715.


The DALI devices can be configured either online or offline via the ETS plug-in. For offline configuration, the system can be programmed in advance and then only has to be transferred for start-up on site. If necessary, a single light can be replaced during ongoing operation: The new light automatically assumes the position of the replaced light in the system.

Technical data

Rated voltage
AC 110 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz DC 110 V to 240 V
Power loss:
max. 3 W
KNX via connection and junction terminal DALI via screw terminals 0.5 to 4 mm2 single-wire 0.5 to 4 mm2 fine-wire (without ferrule) 0.5 to 2.5 mm2 fine-wire (with ferrule)
Cable lengths between gateway and control gear:
ø 1.5 mm2 max. 300 m 1.0 mm2 dia. max. 238 m 0.75 mm2 dia. max. 174 m 0.5 mm2 dia. max. 116 m
Temperature range:
-5 °C to +45 °C
DRA device with 4 TE
VDE approval according to:
EN 60669-1 EN 60669-2-1 EN 50428

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