Door communication switching actuator

Switching on a light in the staircase and opening the garage door using the Gira home station.

The switching actuator is used to carry out switching functions on the Gira home station or via an unassigned call button, for example switching on/off a staircase light or opening the garage door.

Together with a commercially available doorbell transformer, the switching actuator can also be used to control additional door openers, for example, for a driveway gate, or the door of a side entrance.

Technical data

Product features
Door communication systems can be set up with more than 30 devices Control of a zero-voltage switching contact 230 V / 10 A via the 2-wire bus Switching time continuously adjustable from 1 s to 10 s or 1 min to 10 min depending on the set function.
The switching actuator can be controlled via the "Door" and "Light" buttons on the home station the call button on the door station the call button on the home station the keys of a telephone (in conjunction with TC-gateway)
Power supply
26 V DC ± 2 V (bus voltage)
zero-voltage relay contact
10 A at 230 V AC, 2 A at 30 V DC
Number of teachable call buttons
max. 16
DRA unit with 2 modular widths
temperature range
-5 °C to +45 °C

Function, features

The switching actuator can be programmed for switching, timer/sec., timer/min. (staircase function), pulse for controlling an automatic staircase system and the door opener function using buttons on the housing. In addition, the switching actuator has a binary input, with which all the function types can be executed via a mechanical button. The switching actuator is also available as a flush-mounted device.


Operating instructions

Switching actuator

Operating instructions

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Guides / system basics

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