Gira wireless module for Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device

Networking and control by remote

When equipped with a Gira wireless module, the Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device can be integrated into the Gira eNet system using the Gira eNet wireless converter. If one smoke alarm device detects a fire, all the assigned smoke alarm devices sound the alarm. In addition, measures such as switching lights on/off or raising blinds can be triggered wirelessly in the event of a fire.

A transmission range of 100 m (free field) can be achieved per module. If a smoke alarm device with wireless module is programmed as a repeater, the range can be expanded even further. The new Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device with wireless module can also be integrated into pre-existing installations equipped with Gira Dual Q smoke alarm devices with wireless modules.
Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device

Simultaneous alarm throughout the house

A total of 40 Gira Dual Q smoke alarm devices can be networked with one another via the Gira wireless module. When the smoke alarm device detects the dangerous accumulation of smoke or heat, a signal is transmitted to all further smoke alarm devices and an alarm is triggered throughout the whole building. This means that even if you’re in the attic, you will still get to hear if things get dangerous in the cellar.

Trigger suitable countermeasures automatically

Safety in the event of a fire is further enhanced if, a warning is not only given in good time, but countermeasures are also automatically taken simultaneously. The Gira wireless module makes this possible. Due to the compatibility to the radio bus system, alarm messages can be used to control the radio actuators. This can be used for example to switch on the light or raise blinds in the event of an alarm. Controlling eNet components can only be realised on eNet in connection with the radio transformer.


The wireless module is plugged into the interface of the Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device. The networking terminals of the smoke alarm device can continue to be used when the module is attached. This allows combined lines to be set up (wired or via radio).

Technical data

Power supply:
via 3-V lithium battery Type (CR2/3 AA) (included in scope of supply)
Transmission frequency:
433.42 MHz, ASK
Send range:
type. 100 m (in free field)
Temperature range:
-5 °C to +50 °C
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