SCHUKO socket outlet with integrated increased contact protection

SCHUKO socket outlet with integrated increased contact protection

Children are especially curious about things that are forbidden. Socket outlets, for example, are very interesting because they are within easy reach, but an electric shock of 230 volts is no game. SCHUKO socket outlets with integrated, increased contact protection (“shutter”) reduce the risk of children coming into contact with live parts, whether in the nursery or elsewhere in the house. Increased contact protection in accordance with DIN VDE 0620-1.

Safety Plus – the SCHUKO socket outlet with shutter

In socket outlets, the shutter adds an extra layer of product safety as it is designed to stay closed until the correct plug is inserted. This provides increased protection against contact and reduces the risk of people touching live parts and possibly receiving an electric shock as a result. All socket outlets marked with Safety Plus are designed to meet the stricter safety requirements of the new DIN VDE 0620:2021--02 standard and thus reflect the latest state of the art 

SCHUKO socket outlet with closed shutter.

SCHUKO socket outlet with open shutter.



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