Gira USB power supply A & C

Charge USB devices easily and efficiently.

With its high-quality and powerful power supply (3000 mA) and additional USB C port, Gira is meeting the requirements of the latest standards at an early stage. No charger is required for the new Gira USB power supply; the appropriate USB charging cable can be connected directly to the station.

Another advantage: the practical USB power supply is compatible with all Gira System 55 design lines to ensure a uniform wall design.

  • Two connector formats: USB type A and USB type C
  • Up to 2 end devices can be connected at the same time
  • Powerful, safe and efficient 3,000 mA charging
  • No charger required
  • Compatible with all Gira System 55 design lines.
  • Simple flush-mounted installation
  • Flexible solution for international markets (global USB standard)
  • Inserts available in white and black
Gira USB Socket outlet A&C


Operating instructions

Insert for USB power supply, 2-gang

Operating instructions.

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Product information

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Gira USB-Spannungsversorgung A & C

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Gira Design Line & Function

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