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Gira Sensotec,
Standard 55, pure white glossy
Gira Sensotec,
Gira E2, pure white glossy
Gira Sensotec,
Event Clear, black/pure white glossy
Gira Sensotec,
Esprit mint glass/pure white glossy

A motion detector and contactless switch in one

Automatically improve security and orientation in the dark: The Gira Sensotec switches on the room lighting in dimmed mode as soon as the high-frequency sensor detects motion in a predefined long detection range. In the close detection range, the room light can also be switched to 100% with just one movement – i.e. without contact. With its flat design, the Gira Sensotec blends discreetly into any environment. The Gira Sensotec can also be used in conjunction with a coupling relay as a contactless door opener in public toilet facilities, or in hospitals, nursing care facilities and medical practices.

  • Flat design that integrates well into any architecture and offers a wide range of design options
  • Motion detection in the long range: Automatically dimmed room light, without glare
  • Detection through doors and walls
  • Adjusting the range individually is simplicity itself
  • Reliable detection even at high temperatures
  • High-frequency sensor when compared with PIR technology
  • Motion detection in the close range: switch on the lighting without contact. The switch remains clean.
  • Increasing the range using reflected signals does away with the need to install additional devices
  • Dimmed lighting for glare-free effect
  • Open doors without contact, close up or from a distance

Flat design and a wide range of design options

High tech in its slimmest form: The Gira Sensotec is very slim – in the case of the E2 frame range, for example, it is only 2 mm deeper than the frame – and its flat design looks elegant and inconspicuous, appearing to form an integral part of the architecture. Frame and top unit are practically on one level and are easy to clean. The device can be integrated into System 55 frames and the F100 (with adapter frames). Five colour variants provide a wide range of design options.

Gira System 55

High-frequency sensor when compared with PIR technology

Motion is detected using the Doppler effect: The high-frequency sensor (HF) emits electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 5.8 GHz. If the signal hits an immobile object, such as a piece of furniture, it is reflected at the exact same frequency – whereas if there is a person within that space moving towards or away from the sensor, the frequency of the reflected signal will be increased or reduced. The Gira Sensotec registers this change as motion and turns on the room light in dimmed mode as a result. A motion detector using PIR technology and a passive infrared sensor detects the invisible thermal radiation from moving bodies. Advantages of HF over PIR technology include, for example, precise detection at high temperatures and detection through penetrable materials. With the Gira Sensotec, optimal detection occurs when people move directly towards the device. By contrast, PIR detectors work best when people move at right angles to the direct approach line.

Motion detection in the long range: automatically dimmed room light

When motion is detected in the long range of up to approx. 6 m, the Gira Sensotec automatically switches on the room light in dimmed mode when it’s dark. This makes orientation easier, thus improving security.

Motion detection in the close-up range: switch on lighting without contact

The room lighting switches on at full intensity when the user comes within approx. 5 cm of the Gira Sensotec, for example by making a hand movement within this range. This is particularly simple and convenient and also makes it easy for people with tactile limitations to turn on the light.

Increase range through reflected signals

Metallic surfaces and concrete walls or solid masonry dampen or reflect the signals. Detection through these materials is possible only to a limited extent or not at all. However, the reflective effect can also be used to extend the range. In rare cases, the range may also be reduced.

Individually adjust range

In open spaces, the Gira Sensotec’s range covers an area of about 4 x 6 m. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted using the remote control. Detection in neighbouring rooms can be avoided due to its good adjustability.

Detection through doors and walls

Motion can even be detected through materials such as glass, stone, plasterboard and wood.

Dimmed lighting for glare-free effect

Sudden brightness can be dazzling and startling in the dark. The room lighting can be set to the desired light intensity in automatic mode to prevent glare. The Gira Sensotec also factors in the adaptability of the human eye and follows the recommendations of the guideline VDI/VDE 6008 Sheet 3 for barrier-free living spaces.

Reliable detection even at high temperatures

The Gira Sensotec can detect movements reliably even at high temperatures and in areas with heat convection such as staircases. By contrast, a conventional infrared sensor can barely distinguish people from their surroundings at temperatures in excess of approx. 28 °C – thus no longer fulfilling its function reliably.

Areas of application and examples of use

The Gira Sensotec is suitable for all locations where subtle lighting for orientation is desired. Due to its slimline design and the integration of several functions in just one device, the required building technology on the wall is pleasantly unobtrusive.

Equipping entire toilet facilities with only a few devices

In toilet facilities, all the cubicles can be covered using only a few devices – provided that the doors are made of penetrable material such as glass, stone, plasterboard or wood.

Front door detection

If the Gira Sensotec is installed opposite the front entrance, the hall light can be switched on as soon as someone approaches the front door outside. This increases the sense of comfort and gives visitors the impression that the occupants are at home.

Open doors without contact, close up or from a distance

If the Gira Sensotec is used in conjunction with a coupling relay as a door opener, doors can be opened without contact solely at close-up range, or at close-up and long range, depending on the setting. If the detection range is set to the lowest distance level, the door will open only at close-up range, i.e. at approx. 5 cm (e.g. in treatment rooms). If the detection range is set to approx. 6 m, for example, and the dimming value is set to 100%, the door can be opened by a movement both in the long and close-up detection ranges (e.g. connecting doors).

Use in hallways and staircases

The Gira Sensotec can also be used in combination with a Gira DRA staircase light timer. This makes it possible to use other applications and to connect other light sources. The sensor is also able to detect movements that are outside its direct field of vision by picking up reflected signals.

Planning guide

The Gira Sensotec makes use of HF sensor technology based on the reflection of electromagnetic waves. Detection depends on the reflecting surface, speed and the type of object. When installing the device, consideration should be given to the spatial conditions, materials present and typical directions of motion within the room.

Mounting height

The Gira Sensotec should be mounted at the same height as normal switches, at approx. 1.10 m.

Select an installation point based on the direction of motion

In contrast to motion detection using PIR technology, HF sensors are best at detecting people or objects that are approaching them directly. If the only possible installation point is one where movements will usually occur at right angles to the device, we recommend installing a motion detector that uses PIR technology – e.g. the Gira automatic control switch with Standard or Komfort top unit.

Behaviour with certain materials

Motion can even be detected through materials such as glass, stone, plasterboard and wood. Reflective materials such as brick walls, metal doors and the like can significantly increase or decrease the front or side range.

Backward detection

Some slight backward detection is possible through flimsy walls, e.g. plasterboard. In safety-relevant areas this must be avoided.

Limiting the detection range

The range of the sensor should be appropriately configured to prevent any undesirable detection in neighbouring rooms.


The flush-mounted device is connected to the 230-V power supply. A load (typically a light) can be connected to the electronic output. After the device has been connected and the power supply switched on, the device will need approx. 30 seconds for initialisation, after which it will be ready for operation. The following parameters can be adjusted using the infrared remote control: the switch-on brightness in the remote detection range of the orientation light, sensitivity (range) of long range detection, walking test (detection field)/delay time = 1 sec., threshold setting for max. ambient brightness (light will not be switched on if this value is exceeded), delay time setting, master/slave switchover – if several Sensotec devices are used in combination, only the master’s brightness and the behaviour when switching off will be analysed. Blue and red LED signals assist the installer during manual programming. If a staircase light timer or a coupling relay is attached to the output of the Gira Sensotec, loads such as wound or electronic transformers, compact fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps or an electric door operator can be connected. The output of the Gira Sensotec can also be connected to a KNX binary input if the dimming setting is at 100%.

Technical data

Rated voltage:
AC 230/240 V~
mains frequency:
50/60 Hz
Operating temperature:
0 °C to +50 °C
Contact type:
switching capacity at 25 °C:
light bulb: 4 to 300 W HV halogen lamps: 4 to 300 W HV LED lamps: type 4 to 60 W
Mounting height:
1.10 m
Detection range:
Near: approx. 5 cm Remote: approx. 6 × 4 m
10 to 1000 lx
1 s to 60 min
5.8 GHz
Send power:
<1 mW
Batterie Fernbedienung:
Anzahl Nebenstellen:
Lastleitung: 300 m Nebenstellenleitung: 300 m
Anschluss Schraubklemmen:
eindrähtig: 1.5 bis 2.5 mm² fine-wire with ferrule: 1.5 to 2.5 mm²
Operating power:
max. 0.5 W
Power reduction per 5°C in excess of 25 °C:
Protection class:


Gira Design Team, Radevormwald


Operating instructions


Operating manual.

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Product information

Gira Sensotec/Gira Sensotec LED

Gira Sensotec Motion detector, orientation light and contactless switch in one Product information Order No. 18680 90

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