Scene management with KNX

In school buildings, certain rooms have to be particularly versatile. Besides lecture halls and classrooms, the auditorium is one of these. It is used for parent conferences, teacher conferences, final exams, theatre rehearsals and performances. With such a wide variety of uses, the electrical installation must also meet particular requirements. The intelligent KNX/EIB system creates the optimum room conditions here in terms of air conditioning, technology and light at the press of a button.

Individual scene management

'Individual scene management' is one of the practical functions within the KNX system. This simply means that for any situation in a room, certain electrical installation presets can be saved and called up again at the press of a button.

Depending on the situation, the following can then be automatically carried out, for example:
- blinds can be lowered
- heating and air conditioning can be controlled
- the screen can be lowered
- the projector can be switched on
- the light can be dimmed and a spotlight can be directed to the podium
- or the stage lighting can be switched on

All settings can be made with the touch sensor 2 or 2 Plus, for e.g., or with the InfoTerminal Touch. If a FacilityServer is used, the pre-programmed scenes can be called up easily and clearly visualised on the touch display of a Gira Control 19 Client or the screen of a computer. And the FacilityServer allows the user interface to be freely configured, meaning that all events can be prepared quickly and flexibly – even if, for example, the light scenes have to be changed frequently during a theatre performance.

Gira Interface on the Gira Control 19 Client

Gira Interface on PC/Mac

Gira touch sensor 3 Plus, 5-gang, Gira E2, anthracite

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