Saving energy with a conventional installation and wireless bus system

Significant amounts of energy can be saved and living comfort can be enhanced at the same time by relatively simple means. For example, an automatic control switch is installed quickly and lights rooms and gardens only when someone is actually present. The light switch then no longer needs to be pressed. Everything works automatically – which is particularly useful when your hands are full.

Needs-based heating

Only heating rooms when it makes sense saves energy. The room temperature controller with integrated timer sends signals to a thermal servo, which actuates the heating valve accordingly. In this way, for example, heating in the bathroom can be automatically switched on half an hour before occupants get up, rather than having to run all night for it to be warm in the morning. The function can also be quickly and easily retrofitted in the wireless bus system.
Gira room temperature controller clock


Keeping rooms cool in summer

The times at which your blinds should be set in motion can be specified at the touch of a button – even when you’re not at home. In winter, the integrated Astro program factors in the different sunrise and sunset times throughout the year. Using sensor analysis, the blind controller reacts to sunlight and lowers the blinds. As a result, rooms don’t heat up as much in summer and the energy expenditure for air conditioning is reduced.
Gira electronic blind controller


Needs-based lighting

Light is only needed when the room is in use. If the switch has to be pressed every single time, it is often left on. The automatic control switch takes care of this in a fully automatic manner. It ensures that the light switches on automatically when a person enters the room and switches off again when they leave it. The intelligent switch also detects the ambient brightness, so the lighting remains switched off if the room is already sufficiently bright.
Gira automatic control switch


Light exactly when it is needed.

Outdoor areas also don’t need to be constantly illuminated when it’s dark. Protected from the wind and weather under a waterproof dome, the Tectiv 220° monitors the property and switches the outside lighting on immediately if motion is detected. Its three-way lens has excellent close-up, medium and long range detection and a mirror for rear field monitoring. The sensitivity, switch-on duration and brightness value are set using a controller without any need for tools.

Saving electricity and conserving light sources

Dimmers can certainly make a difference to the electricity bill, as the lighting is harmoniously adapted to your needs. For example, dimmed light is provided while watching television and dimmed lamps consume less electricity. An inexpensive advantage lies in the fact that the lamps are conserved due to the reduced voltage and have a far longer service life.
Gira Touchdimmer


Targeted switching of all devices

A function for centrally switching off selected devices can be easily retrofitted with the wireless bus system, saves energy and is convenient. The floor lamp, the lights in the living room cupboard, as well as the television and stereo system, are all switched off at the touch of a button when you go to bed, for example. This is also a perfect function for standby devices, since these so-called 'silent consumers' are then also disconnected from the mains supply overnight.
Gira wireless central 1-way switch


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Saving energy


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