KNX Secure

The highest level of security

The more connected and digitalised our daily life becomes, the greater the need to protect smart installations from manipulation and attacks. This is why Gira uses KNX Secure. 


Highlights, facts and benefits

  • Optimum security for the KNX installation.
  • Optimum security level – for each individual system: the electrician decides which security level is set.


  • The cross-brand standard offers interoperability with the KNX products offered by other manufacturers.
  • A seamless combination of secure and non-secure communication can be set (even on a single device).

How it works

On the one hand, KNX Secure extends the KNX IP protocol to ensure reliable protection of transmitted data (KNX IP Secure). On the other hand, KNX Secure protects the traditional KNX protocol by means of encryption and authentication. The safety mechanisms are already in place during the protected start-up of the KNX system via the ETS. Subsequently, during operation, data communication, e.g. between actuators and sensors, is effectively protected against unauthorised access, manipulation and eavesdropping.

KNX Secure Highlights How it works