Gira TX_44

Water-protected and robust

Gira TX_44 is the perfect design line for use outdoors or in damp rooms, but it also has a role to play in interior design. It can be installed with IP 44 protection against splash water, and thanks to its reinforced frame, robust materials and the option of water and theft-proof mounting, is an excellent choice for use in gardens, on balconies or on terraces.

The Gira TX_44 can also be installed in the empty units of the Gira energy profile. The design line is available in the colours aluminium, anthracite and pure white. The huge depth of functions (including with water protection) offered by the Gira TX_44 can be further increased by integrating the System 55 inserts, including data connection technology, bus technology, and more.

Function, features

  • IP 44 protection against splash water
  • Theft-proof
  • Material: thermoplastic (ASA)
  • Shock-resistant, shatter-proof, UV-resistant, weather-resistant,
  • Microbiologically safe
  • Behaviour under chemical stress according to German standard DIN 68861, stress group 1b (for the variants anthracite, aluminium)
  • Colours: pure white (RAL 9010), anthracite (lacquered), aluminium (lacquered)

Diverse areas of application

Because it is water-protected, resilient, and theft-proof, Gira TX_44 is suitable for:

  • Damp and dry rooms
  • Indoors and outdoors
  • Terraces and balconies
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Staircases and public facilities
  • Gymnasiums, schools, and kindergartens

Installation in accordance with IP 44

The Gira TX_44 design line includes a large number of functions with protection against splash water in accordance with IP44: for example, switches, dimmers and automatic control switches, socket outlets with hinged cover and flush-mounted door stations for the door intercom system or an orientation light.

In addition, a TX_44 adapter frame with a hinged cover can be used to integrate various devices for data connection technology and socket outlet variations and install them indoors and outdoors with IP44 splash water protection – from socket outlets with overvoltage protection and TAE socket outlets to network connection boxes. You can then also surf the internet when in the garden or on the terrace, for example.

In addition, a TX_44 adapter frame with transparent hinged cover allows the integration and water-protected installation of a multitude of electronic devices such as touch sensors, electronic blind controllers or LCD wireless clocks. This means that Gira TX_44 features almost the complete functional depth of the Gira bus systems. Note: When installing electronic devices outdoors, their temperature ranges should be taken into consideration.

Installation in accordance with IP 20

In dry rooms, electronic devices such as the electronic blind controller from Gira, touch sensors, or the Info Display 2 can also be integrated into the Gira TX_44 design line using an adapter cover frame without hinged cover. Plug and-socket outlets for connections with cable outlet as an angled socket outlet can alternatively be integrated via an adapter cover frame with attachable cover cap. In both cases the installation conforms to the IP 20 standard.


  • Insert the flush-mounted wall box flush to the wall.
  • Install the flush-mounted insert with sealing ring. Position the frame and fasten it to the wall with dowels if necessary.
  • Attach the rocker or central insert.
  • Clip on the cover plate.
  • Simply press in the Torx screws, e.g. with a screwdriver handle. Disassembly is now only possible using Torx screwdrivers.


(in mm)

1-gang cover frame

H 86 x W 110 x D 16.3

2-gang cover frame

H 157 x W 110 x D 16.3

3-gang cover frame

H 229 x W 110 x D 16.3

4-gang cover frame

H 300 x W 110 x D 16.3



Gira, Radevormwald


Phoenix Product Design, Stuttgart

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

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