Gira KNX RF system

Wirelessly expand or supplement KNX systems – the quick and easy way

With Gira KNX RF, the operating comfort of the building technology can be easily increased at any time in buildings with an existing KNX system. 'KNX RF' stands for 'KNX Radio Frequency', i.e. KNX via wireless signal. New options for wirelessly controlling light, blinds, scenes and so on can thus be installed anywhere in the building without a great deal of expense and effort, and above all else without any dirt or noise. Whether it’s a renovation or even a new-build project, operating points can be installed in locations where cables cannot or should not be laid or where switches cannot or should not be mounted – be this on walls made of stone, concrete, wood, glass or on furniture surfaces. Gira KNX RF uses 100% of the universal KNX standard 'KNX RF1. R S-Mode' and allows interoperable access to the full functionality of the KNX system. This means that all KNX products available on the market can be seamlessly integrated in the system.

KNX RF system design

Operating devices KNX RF

Gira KNX RF hand-held transmitters and KNX RF touch sensors are available for operation. These battery-operated devices transmit commands to the existing KNX TP installation. The KNX RF/TP media coupler is used to establish a link with the KNX TP system ('TP' stands for 'Twisted Pair': the components that communicate via the green bus cable). This means that no complex and expensive gateway is required, which has to be separately programmed with its own software. All devices can be directly set up via the ETS 5 in the same way as wired KNX products. In the process, the entire KNX address memory can be used (i.e. over 57,000 KNX RF devices).

KNX RF touch sensors

The battery-operated KNX RF touch sensors can be mounted anywhere as wireless wall transmitters where controls are required, regardless of the availability of power and bus cables: with screws on the wall, with a suitable support ring on a flush-mounted device box or conveniently with a support ring and adhesive tape on smooth surfaces like glass panes. Two colour LEDs confirm transmissions and act as status displays. The KNX RF touch sensors wirelessly transmit the corresponding KNX telegrams depending on the parameter settings in the application program. They can be parameterized in a variety of ways via the ETS, for example to switch on/off or dim lights, control blinds, or as encoders or scene auxiliary units.

KNX RF hand-held transmitter

KNX RF hand-held transmitters mean that you are in control wherever you are: The desired KNX function can be conveniently activated by remote control from any point in the building. The KNX RF hand-held transmitters transmit KNX telegrams wirelessly when the button is pressed, depending on the parameter setting when the application program is loaded. These could include telegrams for switching/pressing, dimming, or blind control. The hand-held transmitter – with its user-friendly design – is battery-operated and has two-colour LEDs as a transmission and status indicator.

KNX RF USB data interface

For convenient, wireless access to a KNX installation from your PC or laptop – for example, for addressing, programming or diagnostics via ETS 5 – the KNX RF USB data interface in the form of a USB stick is a useful add-on. Communication between the PC and KNX system is established via wireless signals. In the case of KNX RF products, this link is established wirelessly. For communication with wired KNX TP components, the KNX RF/TP media coupler is required in the KNX system. No additional software apart from the ETS 5 is needed on the PC: For communication, the USB data interface uses the standard Windows HID driver, which is automatically installed or activated when the USB device is connected.

KNX RF/TP media coupler/RF repeater

The KNX RF/TP media coupler forms the link between a wired KNX TP installation and its wireless extension with KNX RF: It acts as a KNX area/line coupler for connecting the KNX RF components. In addition to its function as media coupler, the device can also be used as a KNX RF repeater to increase the wireless range within a KNX RF wireless system. It is installed in a flush-mounted device box and obtains its power supply via the KNX bus line or via a separate power adapter if used purely as a repeater.

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