Gira System 2000 universal LED dimming insert

Gentle and flicker-free dimming with automatic selection of operating mode

The brightness of lights can be conveniently controlled with the Gira System 2000 Uni LED dimming insert – for individual lighting moods and reduced energy consumption. This dimming insert can be used universally, because it calibrates itself to all common types of light source: dimmable HV-LED and CFLi lamps (compact fluorescent lamps), light bulbs and HV halogen lamps as well as LV halogen lamps and LED lamps with inductive transformers, and LV halogen lamps with Tronic transformers. If necessary the trailing or leading edge operating modes can be selected manually. An LED indicates the current operating mode. For use as a touch dimmer, a switching/dimming top unit from the Gira System 2000 is required. Top units for automatic light control can also be used – for example constant light control can be easily realised by combining the dimming insert with the Gira presence detector Komfort top unit. The universal LED dimming insert features both electronic short-circuit protection and electronic excess-temperature protection. To operate the dimmer from various points in the room, mechanical buttons or Gira auxiliary inserts can be connected as auxiliary units.

Gentle switch-on with soft start

The universal LED dimming insert offers soft start, which preserves the life of the lamp by switching it on gently. The switch-on brightness can be saved permanently, and a minimum brightness can also be set to prevent flickering. With its push button top, the Uni-LED dimming inset offers intuitive, dual-area operation: Briefly pressing the button switches on the light. Pressing and holding the top or bottom half of the rocker dims the lighting or makes it brighter.


The Uni-LED dimming insert is suitable for installation in flush-mounted device boxes. Auxiliary units (2-wire or 3-wire) can be connected. The LED dimming insert can be operated with or without a neutral conductor connection. However, some LED and CFLi light sources require the neutral conductor connection to prevent flickering.

Technical data

Rated voltage:

AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Standby power:

max. 0.5 W

Connected load:

light bulbs: 20 to 420 W

HV halogen lamps: 20 to 420 W

Tronic transformers: 20 to 420 W

Inductive transformers: 20 to 420 VA

HV LED lamps:
typ. 3 to 100 W in leading edge
typ. 3 to 200 W in trailing edge

CFLi: typ. 3 to 100 W

Ambient temperature:

+5°C to +45°C

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