Gira compensation module LED

Dimming HV LED lamps without any flickering and afterglow

HV LED lamps are used in an increasing number of households and offices. The ecodesign directive is one reason for this: Since September 2016, halogen lamps of more than 20 Watts may no longer be placed on the market. HV LED lamps have many advantages: they are efficient and save energy. The electronics used in HV LED lamps differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. This sometimes hinders smooth interaction between dimmer and HV LED lamp. The light flickers and the lamp shows an afterglow after being switched off. The Gira compensation module LED compensates for these weaknesses.

Dimming comfort with all HV LED lamps

Gira compensation module LED ensures dimming quality equal to that of conventional lights. The dimming behaviour of HV LED lamps in trailing edge Gira Tronic and Gira universal dimmers is improved. An afterglow with the power supply switched off is prevented, including when leading edge phase dimmers are used. The compensation module LED can be combined with the described dimmers from all Gira systems: conventional, eNet and KNX dimmers. An afterglow of connected HV LED lamps can also be prevented for switches and button with orientation lighting. For this, the current for the orientation lighting should not exceed 3 mA. The dimming results and the dimming quality may vary depending on the lamps used, the cable lengths, the grid conditions, and other influencing factors. Generally, up to three HV LED lamps can be operated with one compensation module.


The compensation module LED can be installed in the lamp, in the device box or in the sub-distribution.
Several compensation modules can be connected in parallel, if necessary.

Technical data

W 43.0 x H 11.5 x D 28.5 mm
Cable length:
approx. 15 cm
Rated voltage:
AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power loss:
max. 2 W


Operating instructions

Compensation module LED

Operating instructions.

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