Door module voice 834 Plus

With the door module voice 834 Plus, a voice connection can be established from the corridor to the duty room in a closed department, such as an intensive care or quarantine ward.

Room signal light Plus

The room signal lights are mounted in the corridor close to the door and are used to display information. Each colour has its own meaning, as per DIN VDE 0834: The red and green displays are for emergency calls, for example, while the red and white displays are for toilet calls. The green display also marks presence 1 and the yellow display marks presence 2.

Corridor displays Plus

The corridor displays Plus are available as double-sided variants for mounting on the ceiling or as single-sided variants for mounting on the wall. Both devices have a 13 to 15-digit LED display. In the display, a red or green, 58 mm tall 5 x 8 dot matrix is used to display call information in clear text.

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