Gira eNet server

The intelligent central control unit of the eNet system

The Gira eNet server is the intelligent central control unit of the eNet wireless system for when users want to go beyond the standard functions of the eNet sensors and actuators. With it, the whole Gira eNet system can be programmed, visualised, and documented.

The Gira eNet server can be accessed using various operating devices, and it can also be controlled via LAN, WLAN, or externally via the internet using IP-enabled devices. In this way, the entire building technology system can always be viewed, regardless of your location. The Gira eNet server is available immediately.

  • Expanded functions through IP operating devices
  • Convenient visualisation and operation
  • Control while on the move
  • Simple, intuitive start-up

Control using IP operating devices

Thanks to the eNet server, the eNet system can be controlled by a variety of operating devices, e.g. via smartphone, tablet, or computer. For this purpose, the eNet server is connected to the local network. All IP-enabled devices can then be used to access the eNet installation via LAN, WLAN and externally via the internet. As a result, the system can always be viewed wherever you are – or can be serviced remotely by the installer if the user allows access. It thus remains independent of its location.

Gira eNet training

To ensure that the installation of the eNet system and its components goes smoothly, it is important to have a thorough knowledge of the system. In addition to face-to-face seminars, Gira offers online distance learning courses that make participation possible from any Internet-capable PC.

Manual start-up at the push of a button

For many applications, just adjust the eNet device’s operating mode (i.e. switching, pressing or dimming) and connect the sensor and actuator to each other. The fastest method is via a simple connection process. First, the programming buttons are pressed for four seconds on the actuator and sensor, simultaneously or successively, until the LED indicates learning mode. This is active for one minute. Pressing the desired channel button on the sensor assigns the devices to one another. The LED acknowledges the successful learning process, and the devices exit learning mode. The programmed actuator will now only respond to signals from its assigned transmitter. Up to ten actuators can be connected to a transmitter in a single step.

Start-up using the eNet software

Start-up is a web-based application that is available on the eNet Server and opened with a web browser. No additional software is needed. Access is via a secure connection and is password protected. The application is operated via an intuitive graphical interface that can be used to create and manage projects, add devices that are already installed by ‘scanning’ them, or selecting them from a device catalogue. Up to ten projects can be managed directly in the eNet server, and more can be transferred between the software and server.

Technical data

Rated voltage:
Power consumption:
max. 6 W operation Max. 2 W standby
Temperature range:
-5°C to +45°C
IP communication
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.11g
IP connections:
max. 8
Current consumption:
400 mA
Wireless frequency:
868.0 to 868.8 MHz
approx. 100 m (free field)
Data line:
J-Y(St)Y 2x2x0.8
Length of data line:
max. 3 m
Number of DRA modules:
max. 32
DRA device with 6 MW


Operating instructions

eNet Server

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 5301 00

PDF, 1,5 MB



Quick Start Guide iOS.

Bestell-Nr 5301 00

PDF, 2,0 MB



Quick Start Guide Android.

Bestell-Nr 5301 00

PDF, 1,9 MB


eNet SMART HOME connect

Quick Start Guide.

Bestell-Nr 5301 00

PDF, 1,3 MB


eNet server

eNet SMART HOME secure update

Bestell-Nr 5301 00

PDF, 90,7 KB


Technical Documentation

eNet Server from 2.0

Technical documentation.

Bestell-Nr 5301 00

PDF, 5,3 MB



Gira Smart Home

Bestell-Nr 18124 90

PDF, 2,0 MB



eNet Client Software for Gira Control 9 Client 2

Software is optimized for Gira Control 9 Client 2 and windows operating system.

ZIP, 50,6 MB


Guides / system basics

eNet system manual


Bestell-Nr 18521 90

PDF, 6,2 MB


eNet SMART HOME Voice Control


PDF, 2,8 MB


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